Promoadictos, the zombies of promotions

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Promoadictos, the zombies of promotions

50% discount just for today. Take 2 and pay for one. Limited time promotion. 50% discount until the end of the month. Fair prices. We keep our fair prices.
Phrases that many of us Argentina Phone Number List  see, the typical promotions and discounts that brands use to attract customers.
However there is a small risk.
Convert our clients into Promoadictos.
THE PROMOADICTS When I talk about promoadictos I mean that moment when our clients become a kind of zombies that only come to our company to look for promotions, discounts, rebates or the like.
Something of terror !!!
Although it is not bad to offer this type of thing, it must be understood that this type of tools used at a bad time, become counterproductive for our company.
Because we get used to people to expect that something is cheaper or that something is given to them.

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In short, a promo addict is like a zombie looking for brains, but instead of brains, they look for discounts and promotionsTYPES OF PROMOADICTS
There are two types of promoaddicts.
promo addict 1On the one  gulf email list hand, there is the promo addict who only looks for promotions and discounts, but never really becomes a customer. They are people who are always looking for sales, offers, 2 × 3, discounts, gifts, etc. These people do not become regular customers of a company, but only appear when they see something that interests them (Or that interests their pocket)
promo addict 2On the other hand we have the newly converted promo addict and sometimes we are the ones who take the first bite of the zombie virus. This happens when our loyal and regular customers, as a result of generating so many promotions and discounts for attracting new customers, we end up turning them into promoters. And is that if we focus a lot on the new customer, then the loyal customer will decide to also become a zombie.
Where is the problem?
Consumers are beings of habit too. When they detect that our brand is constantly offering promotions or discounts, they learn to wait and only appear when we use these types of tools.
The biggest problem is that in the long run we are in a vicious circle, because we seek to attract or re-attract customers to our company because we need more income, but then the same thing happens again.
Customers do not return and again we make use of promotions, discounts, rebates or the like.
And so we enter that vicious circle in which sometimes it costs a lot to get out.
In my next article I will talk about how to use promotions and discounts, understanding when it is essential to do so, how to use this tool and especially how to prevent its harmful effect on a brand.
But any advice for now?
Yes of course.
The first advice is that we must learn to clearly differentiate the consumer we have and establish a clear strategy for him.
A casual customer is not the same as a new customer or a loyal customer.
Usually the promoadictos are casual or new clients, who arrive attracted by promotions, discounts and the like. For them, you have to find a strategy to attract them, but then retain them.
On the other hand, for loyal customers, we must also look for strategies, because otherwise they will end up becoming promotional addicts.
So when you go to make a promotion or discount, think that it is like a zombie virus that if you do not know how to handle it, it will escape from your hands and could infect your loyal customers.

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