Push notifications for apps

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Push notifications for apps

The push notifications for apps are a digital marketing tool essential to complete an application strategy and achieve better results over time. For example, it can help us improve loyalty, the conversion rate, achieve effective re email and phone number list recover inactive users, etc.
We could say that push notifications are the evolution of SMS (SMS 2.0). Its use is growing exponentially due to the high profitability it offers.Like everything in marketing, it requires prior planning, aligned with the business strategy. In this article we will see what they are, what types are there, what formats they offer and, most interestingly, their potential at the digital marketing level
What are push notifications?
Push notifications in apps are a direct and instant communication tool with the user . For example, the notice of a WhatsApp message is a push notification, but also a Pull and Bear message with “40% off your orders this week.”They are widely customizable , they can be manual or automatic, with sound or without sound, with image or without image, with or without deep link, etc.
It is important to bear in mind that an erroneous or excessive use can generate the disabling of the notification permission (if we have that option) or even the uninstallation of the app.
Types of push notifications


In my opinion there are two types of push notifications depending on their objective:Business” push notifications
They are those notifications that  gulf email list  arrive automatically based on the actions we carry out within an app . Receiving a chat message, accepting a job application, a flight reminder, termination of a service, etc.
Generally, these automatic notifications are configured from Google’s Firebase.
“Marketing” push notifications
They are sent by the marketing team of a company based on the needs of the moment or as part of a loyalty strategy, recruitment, retention, etc .
They are used to achieve specific actions in previously segmented users ; An abandoned shopping cart, temporary discounts or special offers, app usage reminders, etc.

In most cases an external provider is used for shipments. These offer a simple submission panel that does not require technical knowledge to schedule submissions, as it does in Firebase
Push notification formats
Classic push: It is like an SMS and its sending strategy is the same as that carried out in SMS Marketing. Although it is the simplest option, it is widely used and enormously effective.
Push Notifications for Apps – Classic Banner
Interactive push : It is quite common and its goal is to be less intrusive. It appears at the top of our smartphone and usually has one or two options.
Interactive alert : It is an interactive banner that appears in the middle of the screen and forces you to make a decision to continue. It is a very intrusive option but it achieves very high response rates (of course, it is mandatory to answer).Within this option you can use the interstitial that It is an image or video notification with a much more promotional nature.Push Notifications for Apps – Interactive Alert
Push with image, video or GIFs: They contain a message accompanied by multimedia content . They are aggressive, but if we have segmented the users well they can achieve very good results.
Push Notifications for Apps – push with image, gif or video
Push with carousel format: They are like the previous ones but with several images in carousel format. An example where we usually find this type of push is in apps related to fashion.
Push Notifications for Apps – Push with carousel format
Push with rich media format: It is a notification linked to rich media content. They are not the most common.
Push Notifications for Apps – Push with rich media format
Marketing potential
At the digital marketing level, push notifications can be of great help to push any strategy towards success.

Loyalty Strategy: A yuda to get loyal users with a dispatch plan and customized recurring. You have to be very detailed and not be heavy with shipments.Improve recurrence: Increase the recurrence of use of the app. The idea is to depend as little as possible on attracting new users through payment.
Remarketing strategy: Get actions (such as the purchase of products) from users who have already tried our product / service or who were previously interested.
Recovery of abandoned carts: We can use notifications to impact users who have added products to the cart and have abandoned it. The link will lead directly to the cart to finalize the purchase.
Increase the mobile conversion rate: We can influence the improvement of the conversion rate of a specific product by giving it more promotion.
Promotional campaigns: A promotion is useless if the user does not know it. By hitting the right users we can sell a specific product effectively and thus help eliminate stock.
All these digital marketing strategies can be carried out thanks to the options offered by the push notification sending platformsSegmentation
Segmenting is the most important option, it helps us reach specific groups of users . We can segment with our own database or use device data (language, country, geographic location …), etc.

An interesting strategy that involves the use of geographic segmentations is to configure it in such a way that if someone approaches a specific point, the notification appearsExample: During the last 15 minutes before leaving a stadium, in the middle of a football game, you receive a message that tells you to request a taxi at that moment so that you do not have to wait for the end of the game.Personalization
Personalization includes; text, image and video. Its use depends largely on the level of implementation we have. The use of images can increase the aperture more than 70% (own data).
Different languages
We can differentiate the messages by language , so that each user receives the message in the language predefined by the phone or selected in the app.
We use deep-linking to guide the user where we want inside and outside the app.
StatisticsKnow how many users have opened, at what time of day, when they have performed the action, … This allows us to do a funnel to check the effectiveness of the notification and improve the process to see where users are lost.

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