Radio Advertising: The 7 Most Egregious Mistakes Many Companies Make

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Radio Advertising: The 7 Most Egregious Mistakes Many Companies Make

If you’re like me, you probably really like listening to the radioI am sure that it has also happened to you at some point of resorting to this medium to listen to your favorite music, be aware of the news or why not have fun with the comments of an announcer with a good sense of humor.
It is true, the radio continues to have that same effect as years ago, where more than a medium it becomes a companion on trips, trips to work or even moments of study.
But not only do people like it, but also companies, which often use it as one more channel of their communication strategy.However, there is a dark side to radio advertising.
That dark side happens when that advertising becomes counterproductive or even ends up annoying the listenerhat is why today I want to talk about egregious mistakes in radio advertising, how to avoid them and  Greece Phone Number List g explain why they should not be made.
So, to break a bit with the typical articles on innovative media, today I decided to go back to the traditional, to ATL and talk about this fantastic medium.
The 10 most egregious mistakes in Radio Advertising.
Advertising that seems made with 2 pesos.
If there is something that bothers people when listening to the radio, it is the low quality of what they are listening to.
It is true, many times it is due to a signal issue, which ends up causing the person to change the station.
But if the problem is caused by a company that hired a “nobody” to save a few pennies, then things are serious.

There is nothing worse than a radio advertisement that is badly heard, low, that voices are not understood or that seems to be recorded with a cell phone.
Tip: Don’t be “stingy” and invest in good radio advertising that really grabs your customers’ attention and doesn’t scare them away.
Even a 5-year-old would act better
With so many qualified people in the world to choose from, it happens that many companies choose those people who seem to have a terror of the microphone.
Shaky voices, poor locution, very exaggerated acting, and less emotion than a depressed Emo.
When choosing the people who will act in our radio advertising, it is important to make a good selection, otherwise it loses all effect.

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Tip: Look for people who have a pleasant voice and good speaking skills, so that radio  gulf email list advertising doesn’t seem like it was done by a freshman college advertising student.
Dialogues that look like an xxx movie
I know, I know, many must be pointing their finger at me and thinkingOMG MARIANO IS A PERVERT, HE IS GOING TO TALK ABOUT XXX MOVIESYes of course!!!ovies don’t (or shouldn’t) stand out for having a very deep plot and Oscar-worthy performances.
If your radio advertising looks like one of them, you’re in trouble.
I mean dialogs like this:
Carlos: Hi Maria, are we going to Juan’s party?
Maria: I can’t. I have to study for the University.
Carlos: Study? And what are you studying?Maria: I am studying a Bachelor of Advertising at the University of Chimichanga, the only University that ensures a successful job opportunity. The University of Chimichanga, has the largest standards in the country.
Carlos: Really? I also want to study at Chimichanga University
Maria: You can do it. Enroll by calling 0-800-CHIMICHANGA or visiting their website at www.chimichanga-uni.edu
Carlos: Thank you Maria. I’m signing up right now.
Does it sound familiar to you?
Of course, it is the typical robotic and emotionless dialogue that you often heard in a radio advertisement.Tip: A radio advertisement that is talkative must have dialogues that seem real and not robotized. This added to a good selection of the people who will speak, will cause a better impact.
Excessive use of the most famous announcer
It has happened to me to be driving to work or a meeting and suddenly something catches my attention.
All the advertisements had the same voice !!!
There was even a moment when I didn’t know if it was news, it was the program, it was advertising or it was something else.
A very serious mistake is when companies hire the most famous radio host to give voice to their advertising.
Seen from the point of view of a single company, it seems like a good idea. But when that good idea was had by 5 different companies at the same time, things get ugly.

Tip: Before choosing a celebrity broadcaster to use as your opinion leader, see if they are not participating in other advertisements. In this way you will be taking better advantage of his person and exclusively
Not everyone likes jingles
Another of the mistakes of radio advertising is making jingles (yes, those brand songs) without analyzing the radio, the public and even the competition well.There comes a time when so many ” brand songs ” sound that the radio already looks like a Disney movie in which every two by three someone sings.
Obviously there are beautiful, funny and even flashy songs, but if they are in the form of a sandwich among others they lose their effect
Tip: Analyze the radio, audience and competitors before making a jingle for radio advertising. Do not let your song end lost among others.
The exaggerated publinota
This one does make my hair stand on end.
It’s like a mix between having bad dialogue, a bad acting and an attempt to camouflage an advertisement.
In short, it is when you put money on the radio to do an interview, which is actually an advertisement (And we all realize it)
The problem is when the dialogue between the interviewee and the radio broadcasters is too over-acted.
Expressions of astonishment are heard, the announcers speak of the brand as if it were the discovery of America and even pretend to ask questions of interest that seem more false than an 11 dollar bill.

But I reiterate, whoever is listening realizes that it is an advertisement.Tip: Put together the list of potential questions, but try to make it a fluid, interesting dialogue that looks more like a report than paid advertising. Listeners take notice and this lowers their level of attention
Too much data to remember
When advertising on radio, you have to be very careful about the amount of information that is going to be delivered to the listener.
Being a medium that is sometimes quite inexpensive, many companies decide to take advantage and put in 30 seconds or more, a large amount of information.
However, they do not realize that the listener may be driving, distracted or perhaps with nothing to write down if something catches their attention.
I am referring to radio advertisements of the style:
The new mystical Fashion Life concoction has arrived that will allow you to lose 25 kilos in 3 days, at the same time cleaning your colon and whitening your teeth. To get to call the phones 7908936458595 or 34657500283 or by mail to [email protected] or visit us at www.fashilifebaja25kiloscolon.comTip: Plan correctly the message you want to convey to the people who will hear your radio advertising. Having 30 seconds does not mean that the person will be available to listen to everything that is mentioned.
Anyway, I hope you had fun with this article that with its humorous (and somewhat ironic) tone aims to teach you the most serious mistakes that you should avoid making when advertising on radio.

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