Ratings and reviews strategy in the store

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Ratings and reviews strategy in the store

The applications positioned in the top 100 of Google Play or Apple Store have a high number of ratings and reviews, coincidence? – I do not believe it.As I mentioned in the 2018 ASO Manual, one of the most important Off-Metadata factors to improve ASO positioning is the number and quality of evaluations .cell phone number database However, we have to be careful with our actions since Google has a system to know if the reviews we have are false or not.In this article I am not going to tell you anything that Google or Apple can sanction, it is simply about taking advantage of technology to enhance the growth of an applicationšŸ“±Ratings and reviews strategAn effective strategy to get ratings and especially reviews can help us to significantly improve the ASO of our app, which will be translated into a better conversion and therefore a greater number of organic downloads .


If we are going to encourage the user to value our app, we must be sure that we offer a stable, reliable product with a great user experience. If not, we will achieve gulf email list the opposite.Suggested valuation example: Du RecorderSuggested titration example: RevoluIn the second example we see how the evaluation request is much more aggressive, it asks us directly if we want to score with 5 starsThe three steps you must follow to create and implement the ratings and reviews strategy areIdentify the “happy” moments of your application
What is the happy moment? The happy moment of an application is the one in which the user feels that they have satisfied a need, or rather, they have achieved their goal .Each application is different, but they all have an objective, a reason for being, otherwise we would not have them installed. Some examples of happy momentsLime: After a trip with the electric scooter and after having locked and parked it correctly, it is time to evaluate the app. The experience should have been goodBlaBlaCar: After finishing a trip we have achieved our transportation goal, either for comfort, price or availability. We are ready to rate the appUber: When the first trip with the app has been completeMany of these applications use that moment to get from users an assessment of other users of the app (owners, drivers, delivery people …) with whom we have had a relationship. The review system in the digital age is essentialIt is the most important step, if we do not identify this happy moment well, we have loaded the whole strategDesign an efficient valuation strategy
The second step is to draw a flow that explains the actions that we are going to carry out based on the user’s assessmenLa Caixa valuation example

The strategy consists of showing positive and neutral opinions in the store , while negative ones will bredirected to the ATC service, where they will try to solve problems. In this way we will avoid generating negative comments with this strategyIt may seem unethical at the marketing level (I don’t dispute it), but it is also very unfair that users only rapplications when they are unhappy or have had a problem, which is what happens most of the timflow of the valuation and reviews strategy
We have to be honest with the users, we must NEVER force the user to rate to continue using the application or to unlock extra resources. Examplmandatory valuation ASO
ImplementatioTo implement the in-app message strategy we have to talk to our development team, tell them what our idea is and how they could translate itIn the case of iOS, there is an Apple development that speeds up this implementation (iOS Rating Prompt). In Android you have to develop it a little moreIf we do not have sufficient human resources or the necessary time, we can always hire the external services of a specialized company, such as Apptentive , with which we will practically only have to install its SDKšŸŽÆImprove organic conversioThe result of this review strategy is an improvement in the brutal organic conversion , and also in the total conversion (organic + paid search).It depends on the number of ratings and positive reviews, we will more or less improve the ASO positioning. According to Apptentive it is something like thisreviews to improve positioning
Negative reviews affect rankings more than positive reviews, which means that a negative review is not “washed out” by a positive one.

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