Remarketing: everything you need to know

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Remarketing: everything you need to know

The re marketing provides the ability to create custom ads and adapt to users who have previously visited a website and whose track has been registered. This is then a very common practice, but also very effective and this is thanks to the constant evolution of big data and artificial intelligence That said, we tell you that re marketing begins to “do its magic” when a user accesses a website and is internally detected by something known as cookies. These are basically files closed by a page with small amounts of data sent between a sender and a receiver with two main objectives:Identify each user.
Access your activity history.So what cookies do is provide information that makes it possible added to a re Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List list . Subsequently, this list will work for Google Ads Display campaigns , which is the platform on which all kinds of personalized ads are created according to the profile that has been created on each user and based on the activity collected.

Types of re marketing Depending on the way in which user acquisition is carried out for the remarketing list and what type of ads are shown, there are several types:

Standard: This type of re marketing shows display ads to people who have visited a web page. Ads appear on display network websites and applications.
Dynamic: this is very similar to the previous one, however, it has the particularity of displaying personalized ads based on the products and services that users have seen on a website.

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Mobile Apps: Ads are only displayed on mobile apps and websites here.
Search Network Ads : These Gulf Email List campaigns do not include display ads, they are shown whenever a user has visited a website and searches on Google. In this way, it is possible to be much more successful with the target, that is, people who have visited your website and continue to carry out searches that are related to your products or services.
Video: in this type of re marketing, the acquisition of users for the list is not carried out when visiting a website. Well, this is only done when interacting with videos or YouTube channels. So, you should know that the ads are shown on YouTube, web pages and apps.
Distribution list: shows the announcements in an email list that has been previously compiled, for example, subscribers to a newsletter.
Advantages of re marketing
Absolute customization of your audience: this offers countless options that you can take advantage of. Because depending on the factors you put into play, you have the possibility of attracting users who have, for example, different interests. So you can offer them full customization.
Expanded reach: you can reach users interested in your brand, no matter where they are.
Reminder: Re marketing makes it possible for your visitors to remember you.
Increase in conversions.

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