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Possibly one of the most recorded phrases that exist in terms of Marketing and customer relations is the one that says “the customer is always right.” Denossed and forgotten, especially by large corporations and multinationals of all kinds, in which customer service has become a succession of endless recordings and long waits in their call centers and the term customer satisfaction and experience has become as obsolete as the fax.But the emergence of Web 2.0 with the “social” component as the undisputed protagonist has favorably changed this scenario for users. There is no longer only the Internet and the old forums in which angry consumers ventured and exposed bad practices.
And a determining factor in this change has been Facebook , which has become a technological solution that is rewriting the principles of hong kong number phone .

A recent study released by the specialized media, which has been carried out by NCA and the IE Business School, shows that 60% of companies in Spain have a presence on Facebook, but that the vast majority of them do not. effectively uses the social network as a channel of contact with its markets.
But, exactly and in these times when changes are dynamic and daily, it can seem very difficult to pin down exactly what it means to use social networks effectively for marketing, promotion, advertising and contact with customers, so we will analyze some of its keys, after understanding that “THE” key to success is summarized in “I like” or “I don’t like”
To begin, we must stop and assume that times have changed and that in this new era it is our clients and users, with names, surnames and Facebook profiles, who have a great specific weight in a term traditionally associated with chastity and good customs, but which, especially after this serious crisis in which we are living, takes on special relevance and becomes more and more decisive when deciding on purchasing behavior, loyalty and relationship with customers; and it is neither more nor less than reputation.

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Reputation has become the most effective letter of presentation of companies and products  gulf email list on Facebook, since in this new communicational scheme and the relationship between sender / receiver, products / market, marketing / target group, the end user takes on a leading role and a presence never seen before, with the ability to be integrated as an active issuer within the marketing channel and with freedom of expression as its greatest strength, together with the associative capacity provided by personal networks and social groups created around affinities, interests, causes and also to claim their own.
A few clicks on Facebook are enough to create a group or a community page and that it becomes a parallel network of people united against a certain company or product, either for reasons that go from the death of Bin Laden, the nuclear catastrophe in Japan, the Llorca earthquake; or more domestic reasons such as poor customer service, abusive rates, repeated noncompliance, late deliveries, or poor food at the corner restaurant.Having the best ad campaigns or six-figure advertising and marketing budgets is not enough. Listening to your market and reaching it with an honest, credible message that generates identification with what you are offering are currently the best keys to an effective marketing strategy on Facebook .
And most importantly, like the old ladies, take care of your reputation and if for whatever reason a critical current is generated against your business or company, study it, analyze its causes, how to solve it and be honest. Sometimes a correction or an apology in time is better than seeing how your entire project is torn to pieces by errors of any kind.

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