Responsive Design, Big Data and Omnichannel: Trends in e-Commerce strategy

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Responsive Design, Big Data and Omnichannel: Trends in e-Commerce strategy

E-commerce evolves by leaps and bounds and jordan phone number lookup do not lose sight of the main candidate trends to boost the e-commerce industry to adapt them to their business and not be left behind. For Vector , there is a trend that has a growing presence in our country: the mixed store. Despite the multiple benefits that electronic commerce brings to a company, and despite e-Commerce being a young market in constant growth, it is already apparent that it will not replace purchases in a physical store.Consumers today continue to enjoy the offline shopping experience. The reality is that there are consumers who continue to like the experience of real shopping, of touching the products. For this reason, new mixed business models emerge. The brick & click or click & mortar, business models that combine sales in online stores with sales in physical stores. In this way, the local market can be covered with the advantages of offering a direct, physical sale and the advantages of a global market offered by the e-Commerce of an online store.
Having a mixed business model also offers the possibility of carrying out greater and better sales and marketing actions both online and offline. A consumer can buy online and go to the nearest store to pick up the product, which offers physical presence and proximity to the consumer, or can request that the order be sent home, thereby increasing comfort. Also, offering the possibility of making returns in physical stores is a positive point for this type of business. In addition, the online purchase is promoted through marketing campaigns in the physical store or the purchase in the physical store through downloads of online discounts.
According to Vector in 2014, all companies that want their e-Commerce area to be at the forefront and adapt to the demands of consumers must take into account the following trends and gradually incorporate them into their strategy:Marketplaces will dominate the market . Even brands or stores with an online presence will look for these groups to enter new markets or strengthen their presence, traffic, relevance and sales volume (even sacrificing margin). Digital marketing is and will continue to be one of the business areas with the leading turnover figures within the sector.


From multichannel to omnichannel : Omnichannel can be considered an evolution of multichannel, but it focuses more on a transparent approach to gulf email list the consumer experience across all business channels. Consumers come to experience a brand, and not just a channel within the brand, thus improving their shopping experience. Brands gain a deeper understanding of the consumer and can leverage this insight to define and develop ad-hoc operational and marketing strategies.

Reinventing SEO : Until recently, the essence of SEO was about writing content based on keywords and getting relevant links for those keywords. Lately the focus has been on the quality of the content, its personalization for the end user and its relevance in social networks. Therefore, efficient SEO management will provide a great advantage to companies over their competitors.
Big Data : Online companies will begin to exploit “Big Data”. This will allow decision-making based on real data, thus helping companies to: Accurately predict purchasing trends; personalize shopping experiences; and fully understand your market to better retain and convert customers.
User experience : With the growing use of Big Data, more and more online businesses are able to provide their customers with a personalized shopping experience. Allowing customers to save products as favorites, facilitate payment processes and recommendations based on browsing habits, is key. Breaking down the barriers between online and offline shopping is going to be one of the key personalization goals in 2014.
Social Media as channels of assessment, recommendation, and assistance: Recommendations on social networks is one of the most important factors in the purchase decision process. Encouraging the possibility of evaluating products, integrating social networks with the online store will boost sales indirectly and improve branding. Another great utility of social networks is its ease of developing conversations between the brand and the user, large companies are already using Twitter, for example, as a customer service channel with great success of participation and acceptance.
Responsive Design : Responsive web design has become essential. Providing web solutions adaptable to user devices improves the shopping experience and is therefore a fundamental loyalty tool.
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