Road customs are inherited. Campaign to reflect.

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Road customs are inherited. Campaign to reflect.

I am a faithful believer that the typical prevention campaigns that municipalities or governments usually do, are not interesting enough or do not reach the objective they are really looking for. What’s  Armenia Cell Phone Numbers laughable.I have seen everything from putting a politician talking and asking for collaboration, to even songs, animated dolls or crappy videos with images from 80 years ago.

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At this time when in Bolivia (and especially in Santa Cruz) I have seen many really unfortunate traffic accidents, which have left many victims or consequences gulf email list  in people’s lives, I think it is time to create a good road safety education campaign.Looking for a road safety education campaign, I came across this spot from the Road Accident Regulatory Commission in Victoria, Canada and wanted to share it with you for a particular reason.Many times the messages of this type of spot are focused on taking care of oneself; however in this case the message is simple:[quote_center] Road customs are inherited [/ quote_center]And it is clear, if a child lives in a world in which their parents always violate traffic rules, go red, compete with the next door or even throw garbage out the window, these things can end up assimilating as their own .I invite you to see this spot, I hope you share it among your acquaintances and by the way we all become aware that prevention not only helps us, but also future generations and especially our family.

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