Samsung and its Ambient Marketing in the heart of Madrid

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Samsung and its Ambient Marketing in the heart of Madrid

Samsung and its Ambient purchase phone number lists in the heart of Madrid SEPTEMBER 20, 2018 2 MINS READ
They have done it again! Samsung has surprised us with its new Ambient Marketing action carried out in the central square of Callao to present its new Galaxy Note9 .Last Thursday, September 6, Samsung announced the launch of its new Smartphone by simultaneously turning off all the outdoor advertising screens in the Plaza de Callao, showing the image of a dead battery (at 0%),



followed by the message “Does your battery not? lasts a whole day ?.Those of us who pass through  gulf email list Callao on a weekly basis are not used to this type of truly innovative actions , and we have to settle for the typical uncoordinated videos or images of some brandsWith the expansion of the digital world, it seems that there is no room for ingenuity and creativity, however, there are still brands that use these weapons known as ” guerrilla marketing ” to impress us and get us out of the routineIn this case, the use of technology and less conventional formats such as Street Marketing or Ambient Marketing, have managed to attract the attention of new consumers, exhausted from traditional outdoor advertisingWith this action, Samsung has presented the main novelty of the new Galaxy Note9, its 4,000 mAh battery that claims to last 24 hours a day. I think you have more than achieved your goal.

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