Schedule control and transfer [FREE SOFTWARE FOR YOUR BUSINESS]

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Schedule control and transfer [FREE SOFTWARE FOR YOUR BUSINESS]

The control of hours and signing in a company or business, is not something that should be taken lightly. What’s more, it is critical to really be able to have good control within them.
Some time ago, I blogged about Factorial , an excellent free HR software , which now has a great novelty.
The possibility of keeping track of the schedule and signing of the workers of your business.
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Benefits of time control and transfer
Although the word control sounds somewhat strong. It is quite the opposite.
When you manage to control a situation (be it a problem, a schedule or even a process) what you are achieving is good supervision and therefore being able to optimize processes or prevent problems.
So why have a schedule and transfer control?

Saves time and money
With the time control tool in your company and business, you will be able to save two important resources. Time and money.This is due to the fact that tasks are already automated, the control and manual check-in is changed to an automated one, reducing revisions and even avoiding errors.
Reduce absences or absenteeism
Implementing a tools for time control and signing will make your staff really take into account the issue of work absences or absenteeism.
As you well know, there is a certain limit on absences depending on the country, as well as entry and exit times.
Controlling this will help your staff to better take care of and optimize their times.
Improve productivity and engagement
A third benefit of implementing a schedule and signing control system is that people will be more committed to the organization and productivity will increase.

This is simple. People by respecting their working hours and knowing that their income and departures will be controlled, will take care of this aspect. (Goodbye to lunch outings of 2 or 3 hours)
Allows you to recognize good workers
A fourth benefit is that those people who are always on time, have a low level of absenteeism and who are truly committed to the company, can be recognized.
Several times I have seen companies adopt strict policies for all, being that some were the ones that generated the serious failures.And that is not correct.
Goodbye to manual paperwork We live in the middle of the digital age, with many tools that allow us to improve productivity, processes and even results.
It is time to say goodbye to manual signing, time control on printed sheets (apart from reducing paper) and turning to digital.
Factorial, free software for time control and transfer
As I mentioned previously, I discovered Factorial a while ago and it really seemed like an excellent software for the human resources area, since it had options to:However, now they have just released a new functionality that I think is very interesting. Especially in those countries like Spain, where time control is already regulated by law
What will you find in this section of time control and transfer?
Before starting, I leave you an interesting tutorial to learn how to use Factorial’s free time controlProductivity by schedule

With this functionality you will be able to keep track of the working hours of all employees and their daily progress.You can also facilitate payroll processing by tracking costs in multiple projects.
Following everyone’s schedules has never been this easy.
Simplify the management of schedules and presence
Another functionality of this great time control tool is that it allows you to review and approve time sheets, download a monthly summary and even select employees excluded from signing.
Simplify all tasks related to time control in your company.Avoid wasting time on paperwork
Why waste time on paperwork?
Paper schedule signings can easily be lost or misplaced. Get it all paperless and reduce wasted time or error-based calculations at once.Compliant with the time control law
In the event that your company or business is in Spain, this new functionality covers the needs you may have in relation to the new law on the mandatory registration of hours in all companies.
Where to download the software for time control?
If you got to this point, I’m really glad.It means that you really want to improve your business, you are betting on digital transformation and that you decided to have a software for time control.

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