SEO for e-commerce: tips to gain visibility on key days

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SEO for e-commerce: tips to gain visibility on key days

SEO tips for e-commerce: how to improve organic visibility
Even when users want to buy in the physical store, the search for information begins in the online brand environment , so the visibility of e-commerce is  united kingdom phone directory online essential for making purchasing decisions. At the SEO level, we highlight the following tips to reinforce that online visibility in the SERP: Take advantage of the free version of Google Shopping
Since mid-October , the free version of Google Shopping has been available worldwide, thus opening a new organic space to locate product results. In order to take advantage of this placement, it is necessary to upload the product feeds to the Google Merchant Center account and follow the steps to complete the configuration of the Surfaces across Google program . This will allow products to appear in Google product search results , Google Shopping tab, and Google Images. In Europe, it is possible to work the organic version of Google Shopping with any Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) . From Labelium, we recommend Feed Price for managing feeds .

Review the implementation of structured data
Behind this measure is the objective of optimizing the CTR of the e-commerce results . Structured data makes it easier for Google’s algorithms to track and classify websites , and it also enhances the appearance of the results. Therefore, the correct implementation of structured data allows Google to display rich formats ( rich snippets ) or for URLs to be integrated into the Knowledge Graph (very relevant aspect for local marketing strategy ).Here it is important to identify the pages that are already well positioned, but whose CTR is very poor . In relation to this, the expert SEO consultant Aleyda Solís unveiled at the SEOday 2020 event a method to successfully detect them and work on them in order to increase the number of clicks they receive.The appearance and relevance of organic results directly impact rankings
. Adapt and enrich your content strategy
The content evergreen is one that lasts over time, since it is focused on a type of queries that are always relevant . Due to their cyclical nature, Black Friday and Christmas are events that generate associated searches year after year. Therefore, it is convenient to review the landings and articles that address related topics to update the content and include new aspects that have become relevant in 2020 . It is very helpful to have alerts configured in Google Analytics to notify you when changes in organic traffic trends are detected.On the other hand, it is also convenient to delve into the search intention behind each query and adapt the informative content or buying guides . It is possible that the buyer persona changes on these dates and becomes an alien profile for these purchases the rest of the year. For example, the user who purchases books at Christmas may not be a reader, but may look for them to give as a gift and, therefore, is a very different buyer persona than usual during the rest of the year.

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Looking for errors that affect conversion is good SEO advice for e-commerceLook for errors that affect the conversion According to a study by the Baymard  gulf email list  Institute , an independent research entity focused on UX, complicated or long purchase processes (21%), the difficulty of quickly calculating the total cost of the purchase (18%) and errors and drops of the web (13%) are three of the reasons behind the abandonment of the shopping cart in e-commerce .Therefore, it is essential to study the user experience during e-commerce browsing and the purchase process. The indicators Core Google Web Vitals to facilitate analysis of these aspects to detect slow – loading pages or problems . However, the e-commerce audit should also include a review of the site’s indexing , to prevent the robots.txt from blocking the crawling of URLs that are of interest to position. Avoid migrations: leave them for valley moments
The migrations are always a delicate moment for the organic positioning of e-commerce. Even if they are carried out correctly , rankings can suffer variations and, as a consequence, they are likely to affect the visibility of the brand and the user experience. Therefore, even if the ultimate goal is to improve e-commerce using a new platform or even adapt it to mobile browsing , it is advisable to reserve them for times of less commercial activity.SEO for e-commerce, the recipe for online success in the medium and long term
According to Google , in 2019, 89% of users were researching online before making a purchase decision , even if it ended up being produced in a physical store. Therefore, having an SEO optimization strategy for e-commerce becomes crucial not to deposit all the eggs in the online advertising basket during this decisive time for sales and to increase the conversion rate of the site.

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