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Linkedin is the social network par excellence for networking , and above all, for B2B ( Business to Business ) contacts . Nowadays it is an indispensable element in any how to call a german phone number strategy of companies that want to get business contacts. Two elements must be taken into account:Optimized profile with the keywords that we want to be foundFacilitate business contact, don’t put brakes
In both cases there are a series of elements and guidelines to follow to achieve the established objective: that they find our company and that they do not send a request for information.
How to optimize my LinkedIn company profile for SEO?These elements will serve us both for Organic Google (these pages are also indexed in search engines) and to be found in the internal search engine of Linkedin companies :

Award a company domain , for example: www.linkedin.com/company/mediaclick
Add a logo: results that have a profile photo appear earlier than those that do not
Adapt the profile with texts and keywords by which you want to be found , and put them in the title, description and featured services. The Linkedin search engine will go here to view the content:
SEO – Linkedin company search engine – Mediaclick Online marketing agency
How to facilitate business contact on LinkedinShow employees: it is important to “mark package”. For this purpose, it is necessary that all company employees have a Linkedin profile and indicate that they work in said company.Create service pages: Linkedin allows you to create pages for each service offered by the company, with external links, videos, contact information.
Assign a salesperson for each service: Linkedin allows an employee responsible for each service, which allows the interested party to get in touch through the network itself (remember, it is essential that this user has an open profile, otherwise the entire strategy is gone to hell;)):

Germany-Phone-Number-List (1)

Recommendations: ask past clients or your own contacts to recommend your  gulf email list services (giving them a recommendation)Company update: Linkedin like any social network today, has a feed of results or news, share content from your company’s blog (see Guide to writing a blog for SEO ), you will get your followers and your contacts to see which sector your company is dedicated.
SEO Linkedin – how to generate business contacts – Mediaclick
Having an optimal company profile, we will be able to be easily found on Google and Linkedin, in addition to improving our brand image. Linkedin is currently used in Spain by more than 2,000,000 people, so being there does not hurt (see ” Use of Linkedin in Spain 2011 “).

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