SEO On-Page: Know the magic formula to optimize your website 🔮

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SEO On-Page: Know the magic formula to optimize your website 🔮

SEO On-Page: Know the magic formula to optimize your website 🔮
Learn what on-page SEO  telephone list usa optimization is and the secret ingredients to generate higher results in organic search for your business.Would you be interested in positioning your brand in the first three places in Google or in other search engines when your clients are searching for your services or using keywords that are related to the sector where your company develops? 🔍Well, there is a secret formula with essential ingredients that will generate greater visibility and positioning on the internet of your content and your brand. Today I want to give you these tips so that you can begin to see greater results in your digital strategy. 😎
When we talk about Page Title I am not only talking about the title of the article that is apparently understood as the name of the page for those who visit the website. Specifically I mean a property of the HTML code that is identified by the phrase that appears in the window or page of Google results:
When we talk about SEO , the Page Title is the most important ingredient of all for our secret formula. This is why sometimes their space is occupied by slogans or phrases that do not describe the page well or that are not using keywords or keywords that are really important in the business; for example “Home” on the home page of the website. This is why Google often fails to identify the website’s relationship with these words.So do not forget to describe exactly the topic that the page is addressing and is very aware of the order of the words: The first words are more important than the last. In addition to this, the number of words also generates relevance: The fewer words we use, the more important they will be.We recommend using a maximum size of 63 characters for the title. Although Google reads a greater amount of characters, this would be the character limit that usually appears when Google displays the results on a search page.Consider the following steps for your secret formula and generate great headlines on your website:

Create one title per pageThe title has to make sense of what is being talked about on the page
Put your brand at the end of the title
Avoid writing a series of different terms separated by hyphens
escription we are talking about a code that is inserted into the page that is not intended to help you to be in the first positions of the search engines. That is, the keywords that are in the description are not responsible for improving or worsening the positioning of a web page in Google.
But on the other hand, the Meta Description is that part that usually appears on the results page and works intuitively to show the user what the page is going to talk about and convince those who read that it is worth clicking on the link to access the content. This is how the Meta Description achieves an attractive and convincing text to further increase the click-through rate when your website is appearing in the results.Some tips that will help you for your secret formula are:Make the Meta Description attractive, interesting, inform the visitor what they will find on the page and generate curiosity with a call to action or Call To Action. In this way we will make the person click on your link;Generate a Meta Description up to 160 characters because although it may contain more than these characters, it is not advisable.

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dient to generate our secret formula since Google does a sweep of all the keywords that the page  gulf email list  address contains. For this reason, it is very important that your link describes and contains the desired keyword. For example, if you are going to promote your last blog post, the URL should be something like this:On the other hand, the images of any page must have an alternative text (alt text) in case the image is not being exposed since the completion of this item helps Google reading programs to understand what the image represents. .In addition, each of the images must be located in the appropriate place, that is, they must be close to the content they describe.And avoid including the image by Javascript or positioning it using the CSS code with the excuse of “leaving it closer” to a content since Google will always read where it is in its HTML to assimilate the subject (text) with the image, thus determining the general subject of the imageIt is possible to determine subtitles in the code of a page that are also known as Headings, this element helps you prioritize some parts of the page over others and you can vary between Headings where H1 is the most important content versus H6Headings are indicated by the following codes in most cases: is intended for the title of the page and the other codes are given for the subtitles thus maintaining a ranking by priority.Having the most searched keyword within these subtitles helps a lot in the ranking or positioning of your page in Google. I recommend that you use only one H1 per page and if necessary you can create multiples of H2 and H3.This is how we do it in our RD Station blog, even in this post that you are reading, we are putting it into practice where the title of the post is H1 and the subtitles of the post are all H2.Choose very well the keywords that you want to highlight on your page since a keyword in your content enhances the chances that Google will show your page in the search results on that word. In other words, if we choose “Guitar Lessons” in a text, the chances of your page appearing in this search will increase.

But be careful with the excessive use of the same word since it can lose sense of what you are talking about and confuse the visitors of your page. In addition, Google does not condone this type of behavior and it is very likely that your website will suffer some consequences for this bad practice, for example, that your website does not appear in the search results for this word.Then you may be wondering what is the best number of times that I can repeat the same word? It really is common sense, by this I mean that there is no rule of “how many times does it stop being productive to repeat that term” but I can tell you that you can repeat it a few times without harming the user experience when reading losing naturalness.If you have doubts about whether you are doing it the right way, I advise you to answer the following questions if you have more than 3 questions with a negative answer (I don’t) then you should check the number of times you are repeating the same term and modify it to generate a better experience for the user who visits your page:Now that you know this, I will tell you some of the benefits of your website having a well-structured internal link with simple aspects that enhance the final result, such as:

One of them is the creation of the sitemap.xml since, you manage to increase the chances that the search engine knows all its pages. Some of the benefits of this action are:The indexing time of your pages is less.
URLs with an internal link are more difficult to find due to the search engine’s crawling process and have a high chance of being discovered.To sum up … 🔮Each of the ingredients to generate an On-page SEO were mentioned in this post, being important and fundamental for your website to have a good optimization in Google or in general in the search engines used by users on the internet.When we talk about SEO On-page we are talking about working more on those specific parts of your website that have greater relevance in the search of users on the internet, thus generating a greater opportunity for Google to consider your website as one of the results of the searches carried out.Also, if you want to generate a report to optimize your website more and more, there are tools that perform this data automatically as in RD Station .Digital Marketing software has excellent functionality that helps you monitor the keywords on a certain page, bringing you a complete analysis of search volume for this word, as well as the number of competitors who use it and their position throughout. over time that is to say if it is a highly searched word or otherwise it is not.You can do a free test with a page that you want to improve its positioning on the web, I will leave you the link here so you can enter for free.

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