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For many years companies have been hearing from internet experts that it is advisable to develop a corporate blog but … Do companies really see and value the real utility of creating and maintaining a blog? . SEO strategyThere is the view that a blog makes more sense if it is developed by a person who, due to a certain personal or professional concern, wants to disseminate certain content, whatever the subject, … it seems that it is something more related to leisure than deal. Most companies either do not see it clearly and, therefore, do not have a blog, or they do but do not really know why and what it really contributes to them.What is a business blog for – MediaclicWhat is very logical for any entrepreneur or marketing director is the need to appear and gain visibility on Google. Well, currently the blog has taken a special and essential role in any approach to positioning in Google and online how to call a cell phone in germany strategies that seek to enhance the presence and general visibility of a project on the Internet (see: Guide to position a blog in the first Google results ).

Why is a blog essential for the new SEO?The web content creation strategy:
For Google, content is king, everything happens to generate quality content, which is useful and valued by the user. Google seeks user satisfaction and the user seeks quality content, so if we provide such content, Google will value it in the form of improved positioning.As in a commercial static website the generation of content is limited, it is essential to develop a blog, along with a correct strategy for generating relevant content. To generate this type of content, it is necessary to consider what may be interesting to a potential client and develop specific content that responds to their possible concerns.

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A Blog indexes very well in search engines:
As for Google content is the King and the Blog is, by definition, a space that is related to the generation of content, any platform that is directly linked to the Blog gulf email list  concept will be valued by Google (it is recommended to use WordPress )Google treats and indexes the contents of a blog very well, but it is about indexing and positioning that is usually short and medium term, that is, with a more than probable volatility, that is why it is necessary to generate new content on a regular basis ( see How is new content generated for SEO? )Boost the SEO of the web:So far, we have commented that the blog is a very useful tool for positioning, but the positioning of the blog, and then what about the web, where do I sell and what is it that I am really interested in positioningThe idea is that the blog hangs directly from the domain of the main web, in this way, all the visits and positioning of the blog have a relevance level to the main domain, thus favoring its positioning in Google.

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