Shocking video of a policewoman lifting a vehicle with her hands

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Shocking video of a policewoman lifting a vehicle with her hands

A new viral video is causing a sensation on the Internet. In the video you can see how a policewoman lifts a vehicle with her hands after arguing with a driver.
It all starts with the policewoman arguing with the driver of a vehicle, after giving him a fine. So the policewoman lifts the vehicle with her hands, to show him that she has extraordinary strength and that it was better not to mess with her.You do not believe it?
Then you should watch as this policewoman lifts a vehicle with her hands.
In truth, it is all about a viral video made on purpose by the viral Saudi Arabia Phone Number List agency ThinkModo for Carlister.co, an app for the purchase and sale of vehicles.
The idea was to get people’s attention (which the policewoman did by lifting a vehicle) and at the same time show that it’s as easy as it is to lift a vehicle, it is to buy and sell it through Carlister.com
Why does a brand do this?

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It is well known that nowadays videos (and especially viral videos) are an excellent tool gulf email list  to get people’s attention. Not for nothing is video the marketing channel of the future (Although I would say that of the present)
On the other hand, this type of viral action is also known as prankvertising, a concept that was born from “Prank” and “ Advertising ” and is a growing trend where brands make jokes to attract attention. of people and also gain a bit of virality in their videos.What did you think of the idea?
I liked it and if you ended up watching the video because of how striking it is to see a policewoman lifting a car, it has worked.
Shocking video: Police woman lifts a vehicle with her two hands #ViralCLICK TO TWEET
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