Should my company use Inbound Sales?

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Should my company use Inbound Sales?

Hello again! This time I want to share with you a bit of my experience in Inbound Sales in Latin America and what most, if not all companies, have had to go through, because as we know the purchasing process has changed in recent years.And what is this due to? Several factors, but some of them, and stronger, have been due to the massive use of the Internet, new technologies and of course the great handling of information by the client. Which gives you greater confidence in making purchases online or automatically, without having to talk at any time with someone to make the purchase of the product or service you want to purchase.So what can we do to stay in the market and not be left behind? The answer is simple, start doing Digital Marketing , which is a powerful strategy that will help you increase your sales at a lower cost, since you will have a greater number of trained salespeople with more time to serve a greater volume. customers while still offering excellent service. For this reason, I recommend starting with an Inbound Sales methodology .But what is Inbound Sales …? Inbound Sales is a modern way of selling that generates more income, where you will be making better use of the technologies at your fingertips while remaining proactive. We say that it is a process that occurs within the home where we organize the Leads generated, qualified and ready to buy through Digital Marketing.

Should I switch to an Inbound Sales model?
According to what I have been able to see in my experience, I can tell you that if you do not want to be left behind and want to be a competitive company in the market, this is a new technique that several entrepreneurs and large companies have already begun to carry out and the results speak for yes alone, but I would like to accompany my answer with a recent study called “ The Trend Changing the Sales”.This study was conducted in conjunction with one of the most popular thinkers in this field Steve W. Martin , where it was shown that 47% of phone numbers database free download leaders are migrating to make sales within the company (Inside Sales) , a model that combines perfectly with Inbound Sales.In this study, companies from different sectors were interviewed where more than 100 leading technology companies have changed their sales process for Inside Sales and one of the questions was related to knowing what were the main factors that motivated them to make this change and this was what they replied60% of companies said that this change directly affected profit or income , since the Inside Sales model significantly reduces costs compared to traditional sales, since these generate transportation, lodging and productivity costs. For example, imagine how much time you invest when you have to visit clients and you have to endure the traffic of the city to move to where the client is, well time in business is worth gold and this, dear friend, generates a decrease in your productivity.In addition , 54% of the companies interviewed commented that this change allows meetings to be held through the use of online tools such as Skype or Google Hangout, generating technological advances in company processes. That is to say, within your company you can begin to carry out internal processes that you previously carried out in a traditional or manual way, taking advantage of the benefits that the use of technology brings in your business.
Without leaving aside the acceptance that more and more consumers have the online sales process since now the buying behavior is changing, who has not made a search or purchase of products / services using their cell phone?

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Before reaching this stage of generating sales, we know that behind all this we had to collect data from prospective clients, visit potential clients making a first approach,  gulf email list also qualify if the number or address is correct among other information that a seller needs confirm before reaching the potential customer.
How much time does the seller waste on this? Quite a bit and something that I have learned in sales is that a minute is worth gold, so we must take advantage of every second that the potential customer is dedicating to us to understand their needs and understand how my company can help them meet this need.So that you can see the difference, I will mention some of the best-known and most applied sales models, as you will realize each one has advantages and disadvantages, the important thing is that you can know which one works best for your company.

Voice to Voice: It is a good way to sell since your brand goes viral organically, it has no costs and the conversion rate can be high since people trust more in buying a product or acquiring a service when someone close speaks well of your brand. It all sounds very good, but it has a problem and that is that it is not scalable or generates a continuous monthly billing, so if we just wait for our sales to come through this strategy, the sales volume will be low.
Structured sale: In this model, customer prospecting is active and we need a great effort to make your brand known to the market, it is very effective but it is increasingly expensive and difficult to maintain travel costs, in addition to wasting time vendors on these routes or in customer waiting rooms, which in the long term becomes somewhat scalable.
Online sales: There are companies that are only found on the internet and consider that their products are sold by themselves because they are on the internet, thinking that consumers are going to enter their website, buy and use their product, this can happen but the rate of conversion is not very high and we may be missing very good opportunities. That is why we need to generate content, materials that are of interest to our potential customers and advance them to the purchase of our products or services.
Then you ask yourself , how am I going to increase this conversion rate? The answer is with Inbound Sales, have you heard of Google, LinkedIn or Zendesk ? Well … they began to use this technique that is widely used today since in addition to having their products available for those who want to buy their products or services and go out using them, they also have an area with teams dedicated to Inbound Sales because the consumer needs to be guided in the purchase process so that the conversion rate increases.In this type of company, the Marketing area is responsible for the generation of potential customers (Leads) and generates their qualification to deliver the Qualified Leads to the Inbound Sales team , that is, they meet the characteristics of your target audience .The role then of the sales area is even more important, since they become consultants and their main objective is to better understand how your product or service makes sense for the problems that the client has and helps to solve them more efficiently, prioritizing.

So as a salesperson I not only talk about my product or service, I start by asking what are the challenges that my potential client has and what are the objectives that he wants to achieve if we improve that process or problem.That is, first I understand the needs of my client and that is where I present a strategy for him, a possible alternative that perhaps he did not even have in mind but that when performing a benchmarking, a market research I open my client’s perspective and him I show how you will get your results, presenting success stories, offering content, materials and complementary tools, among others, that demonstrate for him that he must start NOW, generating prioritization of this problem in the client’s mind. So that’s where I can mention how my product or service can help him and the benefits he will get.Do not forget that you do not sell a product or service, you sell what your product or service can do for the client, helping them to solve a problem or satisfy a need that they have and that is not being satisfied, that is why they are looking for you . How to sell for Inbound Leads ?
Selling for I nbound Leads is like fishing with a net, we bring a lot of fish but also some stones, corals that we are going to discard, for this it is very important to have enough qualification items for these leads.Selling is not just knowing your product / service and saying why it is better than the competition, this process must be consultative, that is, the sales consultant needs to do an analysis of the potential client or the potential client ‘s business to know all the benefits that your product or service can offer which is useful and important for the customerhe key is not to let your leads get cold , it is better if we contact them shortly after they left their data or converted, specifically in the first hours because the issue is still on their mind, it is at that moment that we can start using information that Marketing intelligently obtained from the lead to better understand the need that each lead or potential client has and thus direct the conversation for a single solution that attracts the lead and sees in your business the perfect solution for the problem they have.


The benefits of switching to Inbound Sales
In the research that I showed you at the top, the leaders of companies that have made the change for Inbound Sales discussed its main advantages and I will also mention those that from my experience are the main benefitsEasier to bring in a larger number of sellers and it is easier to share good practices among them.It allows a fairly rapid growth of sales teams.
Increase the productivity of the sales team since you do not spend time in traffic or in waiting rooms to talk with your client, you leave one meeting to attend another without moving from place to place, increasing the number of daily opportunities and proposals for closing more sales.
Provide a better strategy to enter the small and medium business markets
It facilitates the training, development and promotion of professionals in the sales area, opening the possibility of serving larger clients.
You really know the goals and dreams that your client has, in this way you know that he does not buy your product or acquire your service but what he can do for him to achieve his dreams.
Another of the most important parts about Inbound Sales is that its growth is scalable and predictable since it is possible to generate indicators and metrics in real time and know how much your business needs to invest and the size of your team to achieve the expected objectives.For all of this that I mentioned before to work, it is important that the Marketing and Sales area work closely together, that is, be aligned, speak the same language and have common agreements and metrics in each area that allow generating continuous feedback. of what should be improved and continue to do taking as best practices.

Challenges in Inbound Sales Changing from one model to another if it creates challenges, but it depends on how your company isorganized to cover these, there are several issues that must be studied and approved carefully to guarantee the success of this process, for example:The best way to recruit, train and train
Measure individual and collective productivityThe salaries and commissions or awards that you are going to give to your commercial team What are the best management models for your business
The structure of your team and your companyThe processes that must be planned to close business
What are the best practices that allow you to reach the sale.
I hope you liked the post and that you have been able to understand better about Inbound Sales. For more information on this topic you have to be aware of our next materials and posts where we will talk about techniques and different methods that will help you generate results and a recurring monthly billing in your business.

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