Showrooming is not as bad as it is painted

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Showrooming is not as bad as it is painted

25% of consumers use their mobile phone inside the store to obtain more information about the products they are interested in buying. This is especially the case when it comes to purchasing electronics products, according to the Parks Associates study. According to “Mobile Comerce: Keys to  nigeria phone number Mass Adoption”, 43% of customers in the United States used their mobile to buy a product during the past month. These customers begin the purchase process within the stores themselves, especially in the case of Walmart, Target and Best Buy. Specifically, Walmart encourages its customers to use the store app, although Target customers are the most likely to use these mobile applications.The study indicates that 54% of Target customers used the brand’s mobile app at least once while shopping, along with 38% of Walmart customers. It is a way of promoting engagement with the brand and improving the user experience, thereby avoiding the flight of customers, due to the dreaded showrooming.


In view of the results, it can be seen that the mobile does not have to be an enemy of physical stores, but can act as a great ally. According to Jennifer Kent, Senior Analyst at Parks Associates, customers seek information about the products  gulf email list
they are interested in before, after, or during the time they are in stores. This habit can be a good opportunity to impact them during the different phases of the purchase process, developing an integrated strategy, especially while they are in the store.
This is a statement that is also corroborated by the GfK study “Transforming the Shopping Experience”, according to which 30% of customers use their mobile device to compare products and prices while shopping, of which 20% finally buy in the store itself. According to their data, which also confirms the conclusions of Parks and the study published by Placed in February, customers in the United States use their mobile especially when it comes to buying electronic products (70%), toys (66%), or equipment. of home. On the other hand, this habit drops considerably when it comes to cleaning products (14%) or food (15%). It is convenient to qualify different shopping habits based on gender. Thus, men are up to 39% more likely to buy electronics products (24%) while the trend of women is more noticeable (49%) in terms of fashion products.Showrooming is not as bad as it is painted. In light of the circumstances, it is one more step in the purchase process. Accenture reflects that consumers want an integrated shopping experience; that allows them to know everything about the product, interact with it and purchase it if all this meets their expectations. Customers are not only looking for the best price, but also value a positive experience from the brand, the quality of the information and accessibility.

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