Showrooming is now the hottest trend among car buyers

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Showrooming is now the hottest trend among car buyers

If a few days ago we reported the incidence of showrooming, it was not a threat to retailers; A new study indicates that the practice of going to the physical store and comparing prices and products online on the spot, with the help of the smartphone, is seriously affecting the automotive sector.According to the data provided by Placed data, mobile devices, and especially smartphones, are already the main tools used to access information by potential car buyers, used by 81% of them. 25% of them use it exclusively, while 37% combine different  kuwait cell phone providers devices. Only 19% of customers who are willing to buy a car do not search for any type of information online.The danger for sales agents is that 63% of customers turn to their smartphone to search for information and compare prices while at the dealership.We cannot forget that buying a car involves a large financial outlay, which is why it constitutes one of the most important decision-making at home. Which leads customers to actively demand information on prices, payment methods (51%), check the availability of their dream vehicle, comparing it in various establishments (29%) and even learn more about the characteristics of the product and recommendations from others. users (17%). Data that is possible to know in real time, regardless of the place, thanks to mobile devices.
Another common practice of potential car buyers is to visit different dealerships, in order to know all the possible options. A fact that is exacerbated in the case of auto-showroomers, where 62% acknowledge having visited various points of sale in less than 24 hours; while only 36% of non-showroomers did the same.


The fact of using the smartphone within the store itself means that customers receive offers and gulf email list new proposals in real time. Hence, more than half of these buyers (52%) have gone to a competition center, motivated by a proposal registered while practicing showrooming. Likewise, mobile advertising campaigns also managed to influence 33% of them, motivating them to visit the advertiser’s point of sale.
These new behavioral habits in the purchasing process of the automobile sector have raised all the alerts. Both brands and sellers should have a multi-channel strategy that integrates both their commercial actions on site and their advertising campaigns. Always paying special attention to new technologies and the study of the needs of mobile users.


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