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The controversial announcement of the changes in WhatsApp’s security policies has cast doubt on the trust that the application offers to its more than 2 billion users around the world. These new conditions that allow it to share information about its users with its parent company Facebook,  china mobile phone number has led to the growing popularity of alternative applications such as SignalAt the beginning of January, WhatsApp informed all its users of the upcoming entry into force of a new security policy. The characteristics of the measures, which would initially take effect on February 8, have resulted in a massive migration of users to other messaging platforms.
Applications like Signal have become one of the main alternatives that have begun to truly compete with WhatsApp. The security and privacy conditions offered to this instant messaging application have been the main elements that have motivated its great receptivity among users.

The controversy generated by the change in WhatsApp security policies not only resulted in the postponement of the measures to next May 15. Users’ refusal to share their WhatsApp data with Facebook has boosted Signal’s download rate considerably.According to an analysis carried out by the Sensor Tower firm, during the week prior to the announcement of the new WhatsApp policies, Signal had an approximate amount of 246,000 downloads. However, the week after January 4, the date of the aforementioned announcements, the application specialized in encrypted messaging obtained more than 8.8 million new users.
For example, in countries like India, the number of Signal users has gone from 12,000 to 2.7 million people. Likewise, in markets such as the United Kingdom it went from 7,400 to 191,000 users, while in the United States the barrier of 63,000 users was broken, to reach 1.1 million new downloads.

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Among some of the external variables that have favored the growing popularity of the application have been the backup messages received by various personalities. gulf email list Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX and founder of Tesla, has been one of the most influential people in recommending the use of Signal.WHAT DOES SIGNAL HAVE TO OFFER?Signal is an application that has been developed by the Open Whisper company. The same company responsible for the creation of the security protocol used by WhatsApp.
The encrypted messaging protocol is a security system originally developed by the creators of Signal. This protocol has been used by large companies thanks to its advanced technology. Thanks to this, Signal guarantees total protection of the conversations of its users.

In general terms, Signal is an instant messaging application very similar to WhatsApp and Telegram. However, it is currently the only messaging and video calling application that the European Commission recommends for its staff to use.WhatsApp has had the opportunity to use technology developed by the creators of Signal. This application has the advantage of receiving all updates first. The developers of the security protocol have made sure to keep it fully prepared for any external attack.An example of this is the option to delete messages automatically after a certain period of time has passed. In Signal, this function has been active since 2016, while in WhatsApp it remains in Beta.
The main point responsible for the great controversy unleashed has been regarding its “union with Facebook.” By 2014, WhatsApp plans to start sharing part of its users’ information.
Despite the fact that the application has issued various statements clarifying its new terms, public mistrust has motivated the massive growth of the Signal messaging application.

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