SMO and E-commerce: why not retract the flaps?

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SMO and E-commerce: why not retract the flaps?

High lift devices are the flaps that come off the wings of aircraft when they take off and land. Its objective is, by transforming the wing profile, to modify its characteristics in terms of lift. Simply put, an airplane flies slower when cell number directory canada the flaps are extended. It is the basis of aircraft piloting and all flight begins with the activation of the flaps.However, once in the air, the flaps prevent the aircraft from flying fast because they increase the fragility of the wings. To go at a higher speed, the pilot retracts them when the altitude is high enough (between 100 and 500 m). The next time you fly ( post-COVID …), you will surely notice And you will think … How does this relate to the digital medium?Not long ago, social media was not seen as a profitable growth medium for retailers . They only served to start conversations with consumers, for brand communication.

We performance-focused agencies, influenced by our ultra-ROIniano DNA , did not see this instrument as a profitable growth medium for e-commerce websites. It is necessary to clarify that it was the golden age of the SEA and that we had been trained to work the easiest part (but also the most competitive) of potential clients: searches . It was a bit like the pilot who uses the flaps to boost the performance of his plane without thereby allowing him to go far / high.But the situation has changed…
The search (SEA and SEO) has become an ultra -competitive means , logically because it was the easiest tool to useMany users buy online in a mechanical, almost automated way , that is, consumers have already identified their preferred distributors or retailers (generalists or specialized) and, therefore, the scope of the search no longer necessarily allows reaching all potential customers .
The algorithms have been improved so that social networks could increase their economic efficiency, which has finally allowed them to capture the attention of merchants.
Try Instagram?Try… Yes. That was also the vocabulary I used 18 months ago when I encouraged our search clients to do a “recreation” on social networks. Afterwards, if the system didn’t work, you could always stop.

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However, the question that is posed to all e-commerce is no longer testing. For example, 40  gulf email list  million French people use social networks every day and spend more than an hour a day on average.In reality, testing is not an option . I like to say that a director can only, with his daily decisions, delay the moment when his company dies. Trying and abandoning social media is equivalent to choosing a quicker death, since your customers are necessarily thereIn fact, when a company begins to publish ads with Google Ads to sell products in its first e-commerce, it does not occur to them to think “I am going to try a month and, if it does not work, I will stop it”. No, impossible, since stopping the search in full takeoff is equivalent to never taking off. It is necessary to find the balance between growth and profitability .With social networks, something similar happens: the plane has taken off, but now you have to retract the flaps and the landing gear to go faster and higher, and this is not considered as an optionThe problem is that Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or Pinterest use their own code. Actually, it is not more complex, but different. We do not focus on acquisition as such, but neither do we exclusively seek notoriety. The point is not that ROI is not measured, but that it is calculated in another way . And this is normal, since we are not at the end of the chain with an exact search that redirects to a product or service.

Each social network plays its role, and this role may be different for each advertiser. Therefore, it is about creating an ecosystem around the online sales site and assigning a media objective to each key part of that ecosystemTherefore, yes, it is something new and requires reflection on it, although deep down it is not that complicated. Retailers are simply not used to thinking this way. In France, for example, this is where Tigrz would step inSetting goals
Obviously, to create this ecosystem it is necessary to set a goal . “Testing a budget of € 5,000 a month on Facebook” is not a goal. An objective would be, for example, “reduce the Cost of Sale by 3% while increasing visibility and customer engagement through SMO.”Because yes, the SMO is complementary to the search . Both strategies improve their respective returns, and many examples today show this.
Finally, we are convinced (and we may have spent more time than others as a search agency to reach this conclusion) that the SMO is essential for every business model , including those in which the pressure on ROI is permanent. Not wanting to learn this new language would be the equivalent of a pilot refusing to retract his flaps and then wanting to cross the Atlantic at a reduced speed and with greater fuel consumption.

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