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A few years ago there were those who said that Social Networks on the Internet were a passing fad, who joined a social network was a visionary, an innovator, german phone number could even consider themselves a freak. Currently, the freak is the one who is not present in any Social Network, even if they have little active or passive participation (see infographic: The use of Social Networks in Spain in 2012 ).I use social networks Spain 2012 Social Networks have emerged to stay. And it is that now, in the past, it seems logical to think that it is so.,… In fact, these Social Networks are simply a technological reflection of the needs of a human behavior that has been there since the beginning of timeThe human being is a social being by nature and has always needed the development of this ability or characteristic. The fact of putting it into practice through a screen is a technological anecdote, the spirit was always there. Obviously, since the technological factor exists, part of the success of some networks or others may depend on that factor, but not so much on the need of the human being to relate socially.

Social relationships are essential for commerce. No company can discuss the need to contact people to sell their products or services, in fact, it is very difficult for a person to buy your product if they do not know you . No one disputes that the work of a salesperson or salesperson is more effective to the extent that it generates confidence in the potential client, the more and better they know it, the more likely they are to sell.
It is also common for the seller to try to empathize with the customer, to the extent that the customer feels comfortable, the seller will have the easier job. From the point of view of the company, this same standard social behavior (offline) must be transferred to the world of the Internet and on-screen communication,… therefore:How should a company behave “socially” (on the internet) ?:

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Grouping potential customers: The company must build a community of people gulf email list  who have as a common characteristic a certain theme related to the product that the company sells. For example, if the company sells mountain bikes, it should try to generate a community of people who like sports, nature and of course, bicycles.

Increase the community: Once the community is created, which can be a page on Facebook, it must be communicated to the potential client so that they come and sign up for said community. If they do not know your Community, they will never be able to sign up, so success stops by making it known.
Build a sideboard: Social Networks, for example Facebook, should not be used to develop direct sales, but it is necessary for the community to know at all times what you are selling, in case they are proactively interested in buying from you, so you have to Provide your Facebook page with all the necessary information so that the fan knows what you are doing and facilitate the purchase.
Dynamize the community: You must generate interesting, fun content that adds value to the community, it is not a good idea to only publish entries related to your company, that has a very relative interest for your community. It is also important to try to get the community involved.
To the extent that you get a significant number of participating fans, you will achieve a healthy community that adds value to your business transactions directly or indirectly.

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