Spain is one of the fastest growing e-commerce countries in Europe.

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Spain is one of the fastest growing e-commerce countries in Europe.

E-commerce is a market in full transformation and has evolved enormously in recent years, especially due to globalization and the rise of the Internet. Therefore, for merchants and users themselves, the best thing to do would be to follow a blog about ecommerce , to find out the latest news, trends and new mechanisms to implement them in your online Jordan Phone Number List

Being aware of the latest advances and development today becomes more important in Spain itself, since it is one of the countries that has experienced the highest e-commerce growth in all of Europe, offering 22.5% compared to 20, 1% of the European average; This is indicated in the e-commerce Results Marketing White paper, written by the E-Commerce and Digital Transformation Observatory. Likewise, the prediction is that it is a market that will continue to grow in the coming years.


Even so, one of the main challenges in Spain is to build trust in this platform so that this growth means a greater number of buyers, which is not currently  gulf email list being met. Only 32% of Internet users buy online, when in other European countries, such as Denmark, the demand is greater than 70%. This does not mean that online commerce is not profitable or an illusion, but by promoting its security and promoting its advantages, we can equate growth with sales.The main e-commerce markets are music, books, and electronic devices, but at present this has diversified, the pharmaceutical and food market is including the previous ones, and the increase of m-commerce, due to the The rise of Smartphones can only cause many others to join, causing us to gradually stop needing intermediaries, because electronic commerce fosters the relationship between the producer and the consumer.

Another point that is an important issue in e-commerce is delivery. The ease of receiving what is purchased at your door is a clear advantage of electronic commerce. In Spain and in the world, the main trend this year is to improve the delivery service, make shorter deadlines, and this will force even logistics companies to adapt to the needs of electronic commerce and the user.

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