Specification Guide for Facebook and Instagram Ads

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Specification Guide for Facebook and Instagram Ads

Have you advertised on Facebook or Instagram Ads? If you are not new to Paid Media, you will know that the Facebook Ads Business Manager tool offers many advertising formats, each with specific size specifications … Crazy!To make it easier for you, I want to share with you this guide with the specifications for FB Ads and Instagram Ads ads . In it you will find the general requirements for FB and Instagram and the specific  all phone number list requirements for each advertising format optimized for its location.🔍Note: This article is very long! I recommend that you use the index to find the specific format you were looking for.In general, the tool accepts images or videos in almost all formats, but we must be aware that the image may be shown cropped or with superimposed text (for example, 1: 1 images in storie format). If you want to improve your CPM, CPC, CPI, CPL …, it is essential that you generate ads with optimized formats for each location .Depending on the objective selected, one or other types of ads will be available, but in this guide you will find the most common. Go aheadGeneral requirements
Maximum text within the image or video: Approximately 20% of the total image. Check the amount of text in your image or video with the Facebook review tool Resolution: The maximum possible as long as it does not exceed the weight limits in each format, especially in vide


CarouselMinimum number of images: Maximum number of images: 10 (in Inntagram storie 3) gulf email list Aspect ratio: 1:Title text: It varies a little depending on the format (20, 30 or 40 characters).
Link text: Varies a bit depending on the chosen format.
CollectionsFormat very oriented to the sale of product catalog, conversions and web traffic.
Image or video: The file used will be the first one you have in Canvas.
Title: 25 characters in Fabeook feed (not available in Instagram feed).
Text: 90 characters.


Image for inbox in MessengerAspect ratio without link: 9:16 to 16: 9 (with link is cropped to 1.91: 1)Recommended resolution: 1,200 x 628 pixels minimum.
Title: 25 characters.Text: 125 characters maximum.Minimum image width: 254 pixels.Minimum image height : 133 pixels.Subtitle: Optional.Text: Two rows of text are displayed (maximum length 2200).
Minimum video width: 500 pixels.Hastags: 30 maximum.Image for Instagram storie
User display duration: 15 seconds maximum.mage aspect ratio: 9:16 and 16: 9 to 4: 5
Free space: It is necessary to leave 14% top and bottom so as not to overlap with the structure of the format.Video for storie on InstagramVideo length: 1 to 60 seconds.Image aspect ratio: 9:16 and 16: 9 to 4: 5Subtitle: Not available.Sound: Optional.Free space: It is necessary to leave 14% above and below so as not to overlap with the structure of the format.Minimum video width: 500 pixels.
What a tostón article, no? If you have read it in full, I owe you one… 😂I recommend that you use the index to find the specific specifications you were looking for. Good luck with your campaigns!


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