Sponsored Brand Ads: New Ad Formats, A / B Testing, and Optimization Tips

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Sponsored Brand Ads: New Ad Formats, A / B Testing, and Optimization Tips

The ads Sponsored Brands Amazon (SBA) are banners that help consumers discover and engage with a brand, its products and store Amazon a brand. Sponsored Brands are available to professional sellers enrolled in the Amazon  denmark cell phone Brand Registry, vendors, book publishers, and agencies. Used effectively, they build brand awareness with and without help, attract new customers, and increase appreciation for a brand’s products.An effective Amazon Advertising strategy requires optimizing SBAs. Our most recent analysis shows that over 70-80% of consumers (variability by category) log on to Amazon and discover new products and brands. In addition, 25% of those who search by brand explore multiple options.Previously, brands could only access one ad format: “ Product Collection ”. This option allows brands to include their logo and a maximum of three products. When the brands image or logo is clicked, shoppers are redirected to your store, where they can get to know them first-hand and explore your products. If a customer clicks on one of the included products (ASIN), the corresponding information page will be shown.[Note: In April 2020, Amazon introduced a new feature that allows advertisers to edit their ad creatives in Sponsored Brands campaigns. Our point of view, here ]Product collection: Amazon Sponsored Ads
In addition to being able to edit Sponsored Brands on the fly, Amazon Advertising includes two newer (and lesser-known) ad formats: Store Spotlight (Beta) and Amazon Video (Beta). Although they are less popular,

Do not set end dates for campaigns. It is always preferable to pause a campaign that is not working well before, because of a time limit, a campaign with good performance ends.
Define a budget of at least 20 to 50 euros per day. The ads Sponsored Brands are often the first content that buyers are ; don’t lose leads because the budget is over. If a campaign is successful and falls below your ACOS target (while meeting the KPIs), increase the budget to maximize ROAS.
Develop a strategy to simultaneously create Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Products campaigns , as well as ensure plan viability against KPIs and budget. Although it is very good to have as a reference the campaigns of other brands, there are many variables to consider.

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Take advantage of search term reports, as they can help identify short-term and long-term success of Sponsored Brands ads with manual keyword selection. gulf email list  Start with at least 25-50 search-intent keywords that represent the products you’ve included in your brand advertising.Try and keep learning.
Over the past six months, Amazon has demonstrated its commitment to continuing to develop and enable new features for advertisers, and we expect this trend to continue. Whether you are a small business with no Amazon Advertising experience, or you have extensive advertising knowledge and work in the marketing department of a giant conglomerate, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the new features and immediately start A / B testing to optimize your Sponsored Brands announcements prior to Q4.Do you want to learn more about Sponsored Brand Ads or take advantage of our experience to optimize your Amazon Advertising? Contact us directly through our website .

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