Sport is a source of inspiration for entrepreneurs

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Sport is a source of inspiration for entrepreneurs

It goes without saying that the world of sports shares many things with the business world. In addition, many lessons are learned that serve to conduct Kazakhstan Phone Number List effectively.

In the same way that athletes face their rivals, entrepreneurs have a constant dispute with the competition where it is necessary to know how to handle pressure and control stress. On the other hand, teamwork is essential as well as having goals in mind that you can overcome.How to set goals?
The objectives are those that establish the direction that the action to be carried out will take as well as the effort necessary to carry it out and be successful.These must be specific, measurable, feasible and at the same time challenging. It must also be clear when they will be fulfilled, if it will be in a short time or it will take something more.It is normal to hear athletes say that their only goal is victory, but in reality they refer to the consequences of it. The objective or goal is an indicator to know where you are and thus assess the effort that needs to be invested to achieve it.

Motivation in sport is key, always feeling the need to overcome rivals and achieve goals. In the company this is channeled into the employer as a leader and knowing how to motivate the work team. Everyone has to think like a winner.


But the motivation within the team has to be variable. You have to know all the members and their needs, since a young person who is studying at the same time is not the same as another who has a lot of experience in the sector.Sometimes the  gulf email list valuation of a job done or feeling that it is growing is worth more than the financial reward. Not everything is a question of money.Controlling stress
In situations of maximum effort and tension, the body seeks a way out of these symptoms if they are not controlled or channeled. That is why it is common for contractures, irritations or any type of muscle injury to appear. Others, on the other hand, reflect it with abrupt behaviors, being surly with others or treating them in an edge way.

But having stress is not bad as long as it is in small amounts since they serve as a form of motivation, although if it is very high it can significantly damage the body. To lower it, nothing better than doing relaxation techniques and deep breathing.

A good leader has the ability to listen as well as transmit. He recognizes at all times what is happening around him and knows how to empathize with his teammates, even if he does not express it in words. The leader will always help them in whatever way he can to keep them growing.And in the same way he knows how to make others follow his instructions and steps convincingly without being an obligation. In a correct but imposing way.Manage the equipment
When a football game is played, those in charge of the defense occupy that position because they know at all times what their task is and that they are satisfied with it. The same is a midfielder or a forward. Does anyone imagine Messi on defense? Well, that also happens in a business team where not everyone is trained to be an accountant or make sales. That is why management is essential and that everyone feels as comfortable as possible.

A position can never be imposed because if the person is not convinced of their capabilities for that position, they will not work in the most productive way. You can even hire the best in the market in a department and not work. Employees must be able to accommodate the strategy of the company, as well as its work style.

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