Spotify Ad Studio lands in Spain to boost digital audio advertising

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Spotify Ad Studio lands in Spain to boost digital audio advertising

Spotify has set out to bring digital audio advertising closer to brands of all kinds thanks to the following key ingredients: a minimum budget of 250 euros , powerful creative production software, and its innovative targeting system . In addition, to this is added the great analytical capacity of the platform to measure the results of audio campaigns .. The creative power of Spotify Ad Studio
Spotify Ad Studio lets you mobile phone number directory uk create an ad, choose your audience, and customize your campaign in a matter of hours. This immediacy is possible thanks to its creative production software , with which a voice-over is obtained for advertisements from the script provided by the brand (yes, it must be limited to no more than 30 seconds of speech). In addition, the advertiser can choose the type of voice (female, male, age), accents and it can be reviewed once the result is obtained if it has not been satisfactory. Of course, it is also possible to upload images or videos that accompany the sound on the screen .

In addition, as Spotify announced at its loveAudio Digital 2020 event , right now they are testing a functionality that allows more in-depth measurement of audience engagement with audio ads. This is Play Now : the ad encourages the user to listen to a playlist or podcast with the command “listen now”. The ad audio stops and the microphone is activated for the user to speak, and then the content plays. It is a new formula with which action is called through audio . Do not forget that only one in three interactions with Spotify is done on screen, the rest are screenless .When proposing creatives, it must also be taken into account that, according to internal Spotify data, 56% of users use the platform as an escape route for visual stimulation , so that audio ads must provide value and stay away from intrusive formulas . Audiences and targeting capabilities of Spotify Ad Studio
An important characteristic of advertising on Spotify is that the music reflects the user’s mood very well, so that ads placed in the right place and time can be a very relevant boost to notoriety, especially for the launch of new products or services.
With Spotify Ad Studio, audience targeting goes beyond demographics. Although, in general, the targeting capacity is not as advanced as that achieved in social ads , in Spotify the brand can segment by interests based on what the user hears (for example: health and wellness, users in homes, families, parents, pet owners, foodies , readers, gamers … ).You can even reach a much more detailed micro-segmentation with targeting by playlists or podcasts because, for example, the topics that a runner listens to are not the same that a user who is doing crossfit puts. Spotify’s own gear, powered by artificial intelligence mechanisms , classifies and recommends music to users based on the behavior it detects on the platform.

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Spotify Ad Studio allows you to connect with very specific audiences
Spotify Ads allow you to connect with ‘tribes’ and moments
The user’s relationship with gulf email list  the audio content on Spotify is very different from what can be established with traditional online radio. We are faced with a type of listening that accompanies the user and that he chooses based on his habits, the hours of the day and the context in which he is . Therefore, the impact that the brand can achieve is very relevant if it manages to position its message in those key moments.On the other hand, Spotify Ad Studio also opens the door to advertising linked to podcasts . According to data from GlobalWebIndex , in the United States, a third of Millennials and Generation Z listen to podcasts every month and one in five do so weekly. It is not the only platform used for podcasts (many of them are also uploaded to YouTube ), but it does have an impressive inventory. Its podcast network has reached one million by 2020 globally and the podcasting phenomenon continues to be unstoppable. In fact, the creation of new podcasts on Spotify has skyrocketed 69% compared to April 2019.
Spotify Ad Studio to Spain eliminates barriers such as the need for creatives for brands to start and test audio advertising in a very favorable context for streaming content . If you want to test advertising on Spotify, remember that we can help you .

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