StoryTelling and MovieTelling: The new language of digital audiences

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StoryTelling and MovieTelling: The new language of digital audiences

All of us have the need to tell stories, in this lies the success of different social networks that enable options to share multiple “stories” about the day to day, record live videos or simply capture important moments through photographs.
This new trend has led brands to redefine their marketing strategies to connect with their customers through the same audiovisual language.
Sabrina Yarlequé , The Digital BoxSabrina yarlequéIn this way, two new communication tools appear: StoryTelling and MovieTelling . Both concepts are born as an antidote to advertising oversaturation because they allow marketers to send messages to people who are outside the range of traditional forms of communication.The StoryTelling revolution
The world’s leading companies are using this tool to create incredible multimedia content that includes images and text across the entire width of the smartphone screen.
This form of communication will become an attractive and impressive experience for audiences, who have the opportunity to interact with original content by sliding the stories on their mobiles.
According to a recent study by the Think With Google website , people today have twice as many interactions with brands on mobile devices than anywhere else.

TODAY PEOPLE HAVE 2 TIMES MORE INTERACTIONS WITH BRANDS ON MOBILE DEVICES THAN ANYWHERE ELSE.Additionally, it is important to note that in November 2016 the percentage of  USA Phone Number List and tablet use exceeded desktop use for the first time in history. In the report for the month of October of this year, the data from Statcounter GlobalStats show the following usability figures worldwide: Mobile (50.87%), Desktop (44.78%) and Tablet (4.35%). Storytelling responds to this need, for this reason, they have been created in a 100% mobile format.
However, advertising campaigns can also be viewed from any type of device. Likewise, another important feature is that the ‘stories’ can be published directly online, shared on social networks or sent by SMS.
You can see an example of this tool created in commercial format for the Wellness and Spa client here:
Storytelling and movietellingWellness & Beauty DemoThe world of MovieTelling
While StoryTelling is a storytelling through images and texts, Movietelling allows you to tell stories with videos , a powerful short-term multimedia content that arouses people’s curiosity and increases their attention. For this reason, Video Marketing is considered one of the best strategies within an advertising campaign.

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We are in a time  gulf email list when all the content that is shared is multimedia. In figures, we remember 80% what we see and 20% what we read, in this lies the importance of this type of communication. Likewise, human beings are considered “visual thinkers” because we process images 60,000 times faster than texts.
58% of video content consumption is done by mobile device, according to data from Zenith Optimedia. For this reason, the realization of these contents is carried out in a vertical format. Apps like Snapchat, Periscope, and Pinterest have adapted to this behavior.
Check out an example MovieTelling for a BMW campaign below: http://staging.movie-here.net/q3
Storytelling and movietelling 2Demo BMW 5 SeriesWith both communication methods, marketers will be able to achieve better results in terms of engagement.

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