Storytelling: tell stories about your brand in an attractive way

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Storytelling: tell stories about your brand in an attractive way

We will start by saying that creating and taking advantage of a magical atmosphere through the story is the premise of storytelling . It is basically a technique whose objective is to be able to connect users with the message that you are transmitting, whether in a spoken, written or through a story with a character and a plot.The storytelling , looking through the ability to tell stories, emotionally connect with people, getting to the heart and head. And, although this has always been a widely used technique in traditional Cameroon Phone Number List , now that most of the communication with the public is online, it adapts perfectly to this medium. Ratifying that, through the internet, you can reach people emotionally and generate a relationship of trust and loyalty, this being something that undoubtedly all brands seek.

Types of storytelling
While there are different types of storytelling, these are based on the nature of the story you are trying to tell. This means that everything will depend on the type of story in which you are going to support the message to be transmitted. Here we share some examples:

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This is distinguished because it tells a story in which the events reported are unreal. That is, it relies on invented  Gulf Email List characters or situations, with the sole objective of being able to transmit a message.

This type of storytelling bases its communications on having the great experience and reputation of your product or service. That is, it seeks through its own story to generate different feelings among its audience.

Real consumer situations
The objective of this type of storytelling is that users can see themselves reflected in the situations experienced by the protagonists of the stories told. This, as they consume the product or service of the brand.

Based on brand values
This consists of making the protagonists of the story told represent the values ​​of the brand. The objective is then for the consumer to relate the brand to the personality of the protagonists, thus achieving a much more powerful position for those specific values.

Indispensable characteristics of a storytelling that sells
Demand: the first thing is that you have to make sure that you are selling the right thing.
Plot: it must have a beginning, a middle and an end. This with the aim that consumers can connect and follow a common thread.
Drama: they incorporate it into storytelling and add tension to it in order to hook the audience.
Characters: that are credible and have certain nuances, they do not always have to be heroes or villains.
Simplicity: in order to create a story that really sells, it is necessary that there is only one message and that it is very clear.
Familiarity: when the stories take place in a familiar environment, they connect more easily with the audience, since, in general, they feel identified.
Appropriate tone and style: the language must be perfectly adapted to the values ​​of the brand and its audiences. Therefore, it is necessary to define if it is formal, informal, childish, etc.

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