Surprising data reveals that consumers prefer digital help over human interaction

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Surprising data reveals that consumers prefer digital help over human interaction

The careful attention to the customer by the salesperson within the store went down in history. Customers arrive at the store and are forced to search for themselves the information they need to make their purchase decision. Information that, fortunately, they have in the palm of their hand, thanks to new technologies.Therefore, it is not surprising that 8 out of 10 consumers prefer to turn to their smart device rather than seek help from store staff, according to Deloitte. A reality that is more related to the absence of adequate customer service than to the technological revolution. Is it perhaps the beginning of a new machine honduras telephone directory  revolutionAs comScore showed last year, 84% of consumers who own a smartphone use it to improve their shopping experience; even in the case of 82% it helps them to make up their minds; while 40% of them indicate that it saves them time.Deloitte data shows that 59% prefer to use their smartphone to check prices, compared to 17% who prefer store personnel. When it comes to obtaining information about the product, 52% go to their smartphone, as well as to check the availability of the product (51%). For their part, just over 20% bet on asking the seller.

Even when it comes to formalizing the purchase, customers prefer to use their handheld device (48% vs 24%). One more example of the inefficiency of sales managers within the store itself.Having the customer inside the store should be a unique opportunity to deploy all the arts of seduction, in order to provide a fully satisfactory experience. Instead, today it is a frustrating activity, where customers have chosen to ask machines for help.As a result, online iterations by consumers, which include any type of device, as well as those generated through the computer, and any online marketing technique, influence 36% of total retail sales, estimated at 1 trillion dollars approximately. Is this good or bad for retailers? The technological revolution is a fact, but it does not replace the human component, but rather to reinforce it. 84% of digital consumers use their smart device during the purchase process. The conversion rate of these purchasing processes is 40% higher than those where smart terminals do not intervene.


Mobile devices are a tool to promote bonding with the customer, and be present  gulf email list throughout the purchase cycle. All this without forgetting the vocation of service and the differential treatment that they should receive when arriving at the establishment, this step being the decisive one to complete the process. Physical stores have advantages that online commerce cannot compete with, and should be considered an added value. The fact that the customer is in the store enables them to have the product in their hands, and take it home on the spot, without additional shipping costs. Therefore, it must be an opportunity to complete the circle.

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