Tau Formar: English classes for official tests

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Tau Formar: English classes for official tests

We know that English is a very important tool to develop yourself in the professional area of ​​any career, especially in this globalized era where work teams are made up of members from all over the world who communicate in this same language.
There are people who have been lucky enough to have learned to speak English from a very young age, but for those who continue to learn and want to become certified in the language, there is Tau Formar .
Tau Formar is a language Malaysia Phone Number List school and professional training that offers a whole series of courses for those who wish to continue training in their area of ​​study, covering areas such as systems development, administration and organization, management of software and languages ​​such as German and, for course, English.
Today I want to pay particular attention to two of your best English courses: the general English course and the preparation course for official English tests.

The General English course covers from the most basic aspects to the most essential to know how to carry on a conversation in English. It is ideal for those who want to study or work in English-speaking countries, as it offers the necessary knowledge to manage without problems on a day-to-day basis.

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On the other hand, the official test preparation course is more advanced and, as its name suggests, is designed for those who want to officially certify in the language by taking exams such as TOEIC and  Gulf Email List Cambridge English . These are long tests that require intensive preparation, which is why Tau Formar has made sure to cover all the essential aspects to present the exams with the best possible preparation.

TauFormar has more than 30 years of experience in the area of ​​professional training, offering face-to-face classes and then in online format with the arrival of technological advances. However, due to the pandemic, the academy decided to digitize each and every one of its courses so that they can be enjoyed without problems from home.
This naturally also applies to general English courses and official exam preparation. Both courses are taken online, and have two study modes according to the needs of each student.
The first is a self-study modality, in which the student can present the course at their own pace and using all the study material included in the training.

There is unlimited access to the course for 9 months, interactive lessons, and all the necessary resources to have a complete self-taught training. At the end of the course, a placement test is presented and, if successfully passed, a certificate of achievement is obtained.

The alternative modality includes all the aforementioned, with the difference that in this case there is a teacher to guide the student and answer each of the questions they may have during the course.

This teacher will be present for 1.5 hours every 15 days to review and reinforce everything the student has learned during this time, sending personalized material and correcting all written and oral tasks.

Each modality is made to adapt to the study style that best suits each student because Tau Formar understands very well that learning is different for everyone.

If any of these two English courses caught your attention, be sure to stop by the Tau Formar website to enroll in them and start learning everything you need to become certified as a true language teacher.

By the way, courtesy of Tau Formar, all of you who register for one of their courses can benefit from a 10% discount by entering the code

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