Technology multiplies the possibilities of advertising on Connected TV

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Technology multiplies the possibilities of advertising on Connected TV

.What are the reasons for this trend? Why are brands increasingly looking to Connected TV as a key platform to include in their media plan? uk telephone number database Technology drives ad spend on Connected TV
According to an Advertiser Perceptions survey conducted in the United States, more than half of the advertisers surveyed (52%) planned to increase their ad spend in video marketing as part of their online marketing strategy by 2021 . In fact, among the brands that want to increase their budgets in this area, 77% affirm that advertising in audiovisual digital media is growing at a faster rate than other formats.
Of course, one of the favorite destinations is connected television or Connected TV , but let’s take a closer look at the reasons for this:
. Massive and, at the same time, specific reach
Reach is one of the reasons advertisers are betting on Connected TV . Over the last few years, AVOD (ad-supported video-on-demand) services have been reducing the gap that still exists with traditional media. If we take the data shown by the GlobalWebIndex Entertainment Report , it is being a continuous evolution without haste and without pause as shown in the following graph:Source: GlobalWebIndex Entertainment
Source: GlobalWebIndex Entertainment Report

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However, the particular advantage that Connected TV offers advertisers is its targeting capabilities . Instead of reserving a time slot to broadcast advertising gulf email list as occurs in traditional television advertising, with Connected TV you can select a specific type of user to reach based on parameters such as geographical location, purchase intention, age, etc. gender and interests derived from the type of audiovisual content they consume, among other aspects
On the other hand, such a specific segmentation makes it possible to lower costs compared to traditional audiovisual advertising focused on the purchase of spaces or audience bands. Strategies focused on performanceTelevision and audiovisual media in general have always been a key showcase for enhancing brand branding and product presentation . However, the latest technological advances in Connected TV platforms make it also play an important role as a medium focused on conversion and online sales .
Thanks to digital measurement, advertisers can monitor the most relevant KPIs to evaluate the performance of each advertising campaign . In the case, for example, of the CTV SteelHouse platform , it makes very detailed insights available to advertisers . These include, among other aspects, the ROAS of the campaigns, the performance per ad, by geographical location, by type of device, the cost per visit and even the visits to the web generated by the advertising on connected television.

On the other hand, Amazon is also taking advantage of the pull of its Fire TV and the contents of its Amazon Prime audiovisual platform to offer its advertising inventory in the field of Connected TV .Measurement technology enables performance strategies to be carried out on Connected TV
3. Data Science applied to Connected TV
The development of functionalities linked to Connected TV as an advertising platform cannot be understood without data management carried out in parallel. This is an area that has come a long way, and CTV platforms now allow the potential of data to be exploited in many different ways .
If we take SteelHouse as a reference, brands can create their own audiences from their First Party Data to be able to carry out retargeting campaigns through Connected TV. On the other hand, advertisers can also choose predefined audience segments based on certain characteristics based on third-party data. In addition, it is possible to connect the CTV platform with Google Analytics in order to monitor this medium as one more channel in the brand’s attribution model .
Advertising on Connected TV, in full expansion
The diversification of channels is critical to reach the target audience effectively and covering every stage of the customer journey. Impacting users with the message more frequently and through different channels boosts engagement with the brand in the digital sphere and increases sales.
The Connected TV provides an opportunity very remarkable to achieve the dual objective of improving the awareness of the brand and online conversions on a scenario in which the consumption of audiovisual content on demand is a habit that is becoming increasingly widespread among users.
If you want to take advantage of the reach and performance advantages offered by advertising on Connected TV, contact us at Labelium Play and we will help you orchestrate a strategy according to your marketing objectives.

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