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That Uses The Poland phone number Will Of Its 

Members As The Fundamental Key To Nation-building – And Not As A Whole Nation BaseOn The Pre-existence Of A State, As The Dominant Doctrine Claims. Conversely, By Cultural Poland phone number Nationit Is Necessary To Understand All That Nation Which Uses Objective Elements, Alien To The Will Of The Members Of That Nation, To Achieve The Construction Of The Nation – And Not All That Nation Which Lacks A State And Aspires To It. Habermas’s Theory Is In Line With The Will Of The Members As A Determining Factor In The National Definition.. If We Take The Republican Mentality Seriously – The Element That Serves As The Democratic Legitimacy Of The Nation –

Must Be “The Citizens Of The Democratic Republic Who Decide In Free Elections Whether They Want To Become Part Of A Future Unitary German State” And Therefore “An Opportu Poland phone number nity Must Be Given To Any Path That The Citizens Of The Democratic Republic They Want To Undertake By Free Decision ”. The Will Becomes The Keystone Of The Habermasian Patriotic Arc. The Spanish Case Is The Antithesis Of What Habermas Advocates. Both In The Constituent Debates Of 1978 That CreatThe Current Conception Of The Spanish Nation And In The Text Of The Constitution Itself, Elements Appear That Annul The Operability Of The Will Of The

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Of The Scope Of What Is National. . When The Possibility Was Raised Of Recognizing The Poland phone number lurinationality Of The Spanish State And, Therefore, The Recognition Of The Right To Self-determination, Those Discourses That Exalt The “common Enterprises”, “the Will To Live Together” Or The “free Will” Of The Peoples Of Spain ”were Diluted And Remained In Pure Phraseology. The Unity Of The Spanish Nation Seemed To Be In Danger With The Entry Of The Possibility Of A Plebiscite And Therefore The Contest Of The Will Of The Citizen Is Cancel: There Was No Question That Spain Was A Nation. Therefore, The

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Nation Is No Longer Defined Politically But Outside The Will Of The Associates. Spain Will Become A Unit Forged By History, By Historical Destiny; It Is Therefore Irreformable. “It Poland phone number Simply Came To Our Notice Then That Spain, As A Nation, Existed Before The Constitution. For Us, The Nation As A Relevant Fact Is A Pre-existing Right To The Constitution “DeclarGregorio Peces-barba. “And It Is Clear That The Constitution Cannot Lay The Foundations Or Foundations For The Building That Is Spain, Because Spain Is An Extensive And Intensive Magnitude That Evades All Constitutional Regulation. Spain Was Before, And Will Be After This Constitution, A

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Miñón. In Short,the Spanish Nation Exists Independently Of The Will And The Human Agreement. It Is A Fact That, In Its Reality And Structure, Is Impos On Us. When Spain Is. Poland phone number Spoken Of As A Historical Reality, It Is In Fact Being Referr. To As “Immovable Reality”, “Natural Reality” Or “Necessary Reality”. In Conclusion. The Habermasian Conception Of Nation That Gives Rise To The Constitutional Patriotism. With Which It Has Been Consolidat In Spain Cannot Be Assimilate. B) The Second Reason Is How The Concept Of Constitution Is Understood In The Construction “patriotism Of The

Constitution”. In The Constitutional Text Itself, A Fundamental Mutation Is Perceptible Between. Poland phone number The Theory Of Patriotism Of The Constitution That Is .Invok And What The 1978 Constitution Offers. Habermas Warn Against The. Possibility That “The Integrative Force Of The Nation Could Be Deriv From. Something Poland phone number Pre-politically Given.” For The Republican, Democratic. Mentality, It Is Essential That The Transformation Of The Affections That Arise From The National Consciousness Of Belonging – The “pre-political” Affections – Pass. Through The Sieve Of The Political Will Of The Citizens. And This Is Radically Deni In The Text Of Article 2 Of The

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