The 3 brainstorm methods that every brand should use

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The 3 brainstorm methods that every brand should use

When it comes to innovating products, image or company marketing, brands need brainstorming to find the right idea for the right strategy. To do this, it is essential to create an environment where fresh ideas flow. According to Markets Inside, there are strategies that every meeting needs Turkey Mobile Number List for a fruitful brainstorm, brainstorm, It is about structuring a project from different perspectives or angles. It consists of creating panoramas and scenarios, and since the ideas are ready, subjecting them to changes, contrasts and assumptions. It is like a quality filter, where the strategies that “do not pass the test” are eliminated, or else, to modify the concepts that passed the tests.Turkey Mobile Number List

It is a method that consists of “writing first and speaking second”, since in every generation of ideas it must be parallel to the discussion. This strategy was created by Leigh Thompson and Loran Nordgren, specialists at the Kellogg School. Between the results of both experts they found Brother Cell Phone List that the brainstorm generated 20 percent more ideas, produced 42 percent more original ideas. It is a method in which parallel thinking provides a means for groups to plan their thought processes in a detailed and cohesive way, that is, in doing so they think more effectively.

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