The 4 new markets where Amazon could enter

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The 4 new markets where Amazon could enter

Amazon’s latest acquisition of Whole Foods caused its CEO, Jeff Bezos, to increase his fortune by $ 1.8 billion , so now his net worth stands at $ 84.6 billion. Although it is dedicated to electronic commerce, Amazon has modernized its platform, simplifying its use and providing constant facilities to its users. What seemed like a “no brainer” for the company, is not Argentina Mobile Number List the case, as it is about to enter new markets. According to Nomura, there are four areas that Amazon has been analyzing for a long time that could multiply its profits, such as: groceries, advertising, confrontation and smart speakers. In terms of groceries, the food and beverage market in the United States alone accounted for a total of 705 billion dollars in 2016 , while e-commerce only served 1.4 percent of that market, so Amazon is already trying. with their “Prime Pantry” tool . Argentina Mobile Number List

Regarding advertising, despite the fact that the big players are Facebook, Google, Snap and Twitter, Amazon had profits of 1.5 billion dollars in 2016 from digital advertising, credits in co-branded strategies in credit cards. Although he launched his on-demand programming service, Prime, which is gifted to his website subscribers. Its OTT offers full Brother Cell Phone List programming with original content, whose subscriptions have increased, while those of Netflix and Hulu have stagnated. Voice devices seems to be the next great battle for the throne between Google, Apple and Amazon, with Alexa being the most used in the United States, since it has eight million active users. So far in 2017, Amazon shares have increased 27.53 percent , because they broke the barrier of thousand dollars, which will give enough resources for you to invest in the previous bets, while the shares could reach 1,100 dollars and stock titles could grow 12.7 percent more in the remainder of this 2017.

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