The 5 techniques to create Instagram stories that you should know

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The 5 techniques to create Instagram stories that you should know

In its first quarterly report of 2017, Instagram , owned by Facebook, revealed that it already has 700 million Switzerland Mobile Number List active users, in addition to that more than 400 million netizens consult the application daily. Recently MediaKix estimated that digital marketing on social networks will be worth 10 billion dollars annually from 2020, and Instagram will be the most benefited social network, since the influencer marketing format of Instagram alone is valued at one billion dollars.Switzerland Mobile Number List

Instagram copied its “stories” tool from Snapchat , where users and brands can create excerpts of short videos, whose duration is 24 hours and then disappear. There are 5 ways to Take your behind-the-scenes scenes to a new level, make a series of Instagram “stories”. As a company, you can show the manager or employees going through an everyday work day, or appearances. The DIY tutorials are ideal to show the creative process Brother Cell Phone List of the elements. Among the recommendations are businesses and service industries and shops, such as restaurants and hotels, where by sharing a series of photos and videos that show the “day to day” of the companies. It is not about revealing the secrets of the company, but it is a method that generates trust in consumers, as well as loyalty.

Assume yourself as the leader of Instagram stories, that is, use stories to differentiate yourself from other industry leaders. Because the images rotate quickly, coupled with the fact that some videos or images have text, so 10 seconds is enough for a micro-strategy. Instagram live broadcasts, it is the best tool to announce midnight sales, discounts, promotions, trivia, among others, or to show if you will have a representative ready to answer questions. All kinds of corporate advertisement. Audience statistics, based on the comments made by consumers of the Instagram “stories” videos. In addition, you can get answers from direct interaction with customers.

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