The 5 universal characteristics of all media and why you should incorporate an email marketing strategy to your brand

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The 5 universal characteristics of all media and why you should incorporate an email marketing strategy to your brand

Have you ever thought about where does my brand live? Obvious Gerardo, I have not only thought about it but I have dedicated hours, days, months and years to reflect, investigate and define what are the best means to deposit my brand, what question. Speaking strictly technical, the only correct assertion is that your brand does not live in any medium. Your brand does not live on TV, radio, Facebook Ads or on your website, your brand lives in Australia Mobile Number List the mind of your audience. Note that I said audience and not market or consumers, ok? The reason is that there is a group of people out there who can identify your brand even if not all of them become your buyers. Now, with that said, your brand can’t get home (to your audience’s mind) if you don’t temporarily deposit it in the most appropriate channels. It’s like taking it on the subway. You take it to the blue line if you want it to go downtown or to the green line if you want it to go to the valley. Australia Mobile Number List

All brands are different and all the media in which you can deposit your brand have characteristics that make them look better or worse in different brands, but there are 5 universal characteristics that all media have, and it is precisely these characteristics that you have to measure. when selecting the best channel for a given campaign. I am here today to tell you that and to also tell you that among all digital and non-digital media, there is one that perfectly meets these 5 characteristics: email. All the media offer us at different levels the possibility of segmenting our market, even the mass media such as TV or radio allow us to speak to different people according to the turn of the program, the time and the day. The same happens with blogs, magazines and even if we bought an ad in the newspaper with the highest circulation in your city, you would be geographically segmenting your audience.

Email as an advertising channel is a medium that allows us not only to segment, but also to hyper-segment. Of course, having a database of 50k people who have nothing in common is one way to do it, but what if when capturing the emails of our potential customers we asked them two or three things that allow us to segment them into groups and subgroups? Don’t you think that knowing, for example, what city they live in would help you send Brother Cell Phone List them more suitable promotions? How about knowing if they are married or single? What are the most powerful questions that can help you rank your audience? Characteristic number 2: Privacy – TV is in all restaurants, radio is in all cars, magazines are in all supermarkets and all waiting rooms, Facebook ads, well, these are extremely social spaces. But do you know what is the first thing anyone does when they wake up before getting up? Check your email. That super special moment where your audience is looking at their phone in total privacy before saying the first word of the day, is an absolutely privileged space, and if you use the right words you can seduce them at a level that you could hardly achieve with another. half.

Trait number 3: Spaces to express yourself – All media have different formats. A TV spot is eminently noisy, at least well done ones. A display in a digital magazine has to be attractive and ideally it has to be animated. In email it is different. When you advertise or advertise by email, the most important thing is the words you use to write the title. You only have a few characters to stand out, to attract attention. Writing emails that sell, and writing titles for those emails is a science but above all it is an art: the art of transmitting a thought from your mind to the mind of the other. For me this is the most captivating way to deeply conquer a mind and a heart. Trait number 4: Humanity – Look at this: for an international TV campaign to be a reality, hundreds of people have to do their job well. Writers, actors, A, AA, AAA models, technicians, illuminators, sound engineers, cable jacks, directors, makeup artists, costumers, brunch, casting, supervisors, studio, drivers, cameramen, bosses, bosses bosses, assistants, assistants assistants, interns, producers, purchasing, sales, budget, accounts, agency, creative, bored, continuity, logistics, those who sign, those who do not want to sign, etc.

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