The 7 habits of the most effective conversion pages

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The 7 habits of the most effective conversion pages

A fundamental practice within an Inbound Marketing strategy is the creation of Landing Pages. Those pages, which aim to convert visitors into Leads, can bring considerable and visible results for your company.
If they are well worked, Landing Pages can greatly increase the number of people who fill out the forms. These people are the future clients of your company and, sometimes, a Landing Page is one of the first contacts between you and those potential clientsKnowing this possibility, it is perceptible that combining an attractive offer with an effective conversion page is what you need to transform your website with simple accesses into a true cell number database opportunity machineTo help your company transform into that machine, we separate 7 good practices that can make all the difference in your Landing Pages, increasing the conversion rate and generating more LeadsCreate an amazing first impression
On several occasions, the user decides whether or not to fill in the form even before the page is fully loaded. Since it is extremely easy to close a tab in the browser when it is not more attractive, it is important that the content attracts the visitor’s attention before it blinksOne way to get that attention is by optimizing the Landing Page header. Be as succinct as possible. Top with the company logo and a title followed by a subtitle. The objective is to make the visitor quickly understand the offer and feel attractedHave a light Landing Page, that does not take long to load and that immediately highlights the benefits. Go straight to the point and clearly and explicitly indicate what action you want the user to take (fill out a form, click a button, download, etc.)Free eBook: Generate Leads Without Headache

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– Be moderate when requesting information
You need to create a form on a Landing Page if your desire is to capture information about gulf email list your visitors. However, be moderate when requesting that data. Long forms can be tiring, causing people to stop filling them out.Choose carefully what you want to know about your visitors, and keep the focus on the essentials. Use testimonials or social proof Many times, some information requested on a Landing Page can be quite personal in nature (name, email and telephone number, for example). Some people may be a bit reluctant to provide them, especially if it is the first time they are exchanging data with your company.
One way to demonstrate professionalism and credibility is to post short, original testimonials from clients who already know and trust your company.Another way is to use social proof. Inserting links linked to social networks is a way to increase this shared content and also to create a reputation by virtue of the visible count on the page to keep the Landing Page focus on the objective is to remove the navigation from your website, without giving the user chances to get distracted or go back.The visitor has already seen your call, was interested in the offer, clicked on the call-to-action , entered the conversion page and is one step away from becoming a business opportunity for your company. In other words, don’t give him a chance to divert his focus and change his mind.Create a Landing Page as something “loose” on your website. It excludes navigation and links to home, contact, envelope or any other that may dislocate the visitor’s attention. Make the form and the submit button the only possibility of action on the page.

Emphasize and list the content of the offer
To catch the visitor’s attention quickly, a list of the main benefits of the offer stands out next to the form.Explore bullet points. Create some topics (between 2 and 4) and describe each one with extra information, always in an economic, direct way and that are directly linked to the content of the material offered.If it is an eBook , describe the main topics covered. If it is a tool, describe the main benefits. If it is a course, describe what will be taught. In short, use creativity to win the visitor’s attention, but always remember to go straight to the point and try to say as much as possible with as few words as possible. – Don’t forget the imageThe visual of a Landing Page is only complete with a good image. Do not save time in the selection, and always place an image that faithfully reflects your offer, and avoid generalisms or stock of images that may hinder the conversion.For eBooks, use the cover itself to highlight the offer. In the case of softwares, show them. In the case of webinars, show the faces of the participants to convey credibility about the offer- Put yourself in the place of your visitor
Before posting a landing page , ask yourself a few questions. Get out of the creator’s mind and into the consumer’s mindWould I fill in this form? Is the page clear? Would I feel comfortable sharing this information with the companyThese questions serve you to put the final touch on your page before finally putting it in the airn practiceKeep the 7 habits described above on a recurring basis. Make them part of your routine whenever a new Landing Page is developedIt is worth remembering that a Landing Page can work differently depending on your business and your audience. Therefore, it is important that you have the culture of these always doing tests and documenting the results to understand what works best specifically in your case.There are several examples of pages with different aspects (design, forms, objectives) and that convert very well. However, most of them follow, each in their own way, the above habits.

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