The advertising potential of the Advanced TV ecosystem given the growth of consumption on television platforms

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The advertising potential of the Advanced TV ecosystem given the growth of consumption on television platforms

The increase in the presence of Smart TVs in homes around the world has led to a true revolution in audiovisual consumption habits . While linear television sees its impact decrease, especially among the youngest, the penetration of devices that combine television and the Internet has only increased in recent times.According to the data collected by Kantar Media in its TGI Global Quick View study , more than 60% of Internet users are users of streaming television content. In addition, Smart TV french phone number sales in the world increase year after year and forecasts place new acquisitions over 220 million from 2020, data that give a good account of the possibilities presented by new forms of audiovisual consumption. Additionally, this joins the increasingly abundant consumption records of this type of content and of television in general originated by the COVID-19 crisis that has the entire planet in check. Thus, in the case of Spain, not only the number of connected viewers increased (compared to March 2019) but the number of hours viewed per user, which rises to 10 per day on weekends. The most viewed content? The news or informative format, how could it be otherwise. Advanced TV: Concepts it encompasses and possibilities it offers

The concept of Advanced TV is really an umbrella term, which encompasses all those services, platforms or content that are not accessed through a live broadcast or cable television. So, within it we talk about Connected TV, Programmatic TV, TV Everywhere and Video On Demand (VOD) . Focusing on the first two concepts (Connected TV and Programmatic TV), we talk on the one hand about the possibility of advertising through OTT television devices , and on the other about the option of serving our ads programmatically in live programming, regardless of the device in which it is consumed. To understand it in a practical way, through Connected TV a user in the United States watching ATRESPLAYER content thanks to their Apple TV device will see our ad, while through Programmatic TV, a user who is in their Hulu account watching The Maid’s Tale on your Tablet will be impacted by our advertising.How Connected TV has evolved
The increase in the consumption of streaming content has meant a change, not only in user habits, but also in terms of advertising investment. Video On Demand (VoD) platforms have substantially modified the way in which users receive audiovisual content. Growth of streaming content consumption worldwide
Growth in streaming content consumption worldwide
Source: IHS MarkitFrom the perspective of advertising investment, it is important to know what are the concepts encompassed within Advanced TV, in order to choose the most appropriate for our target and the objective of the brand. This will allow us to design more precise, optimized and adapted strategies to the channels and audiences.According to the aforementioned study by Kantar Media, 83% of young people between 18 and 24 years old are subscribed to VoD platforms, while the decline in their consumption of linear television seems unstoppable. This point is key to understanding that the user’s profile has changed and the advertising models must adapt to this new reality in order not to be left behind.ariety of formats, the key to the success of Connected TTotal Connected TV revenue, according to digital TV Research forecasts , will reach $ 87 billion by 2024, a figure that will be shared among the different digital TV models.

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The (SVOD systems Subscription Video on Demand ) agglutinate most of the income of the sector . They are those models that allow access to premium content with an extensive video catalog available to subscribed users. For gulf email list  their part, AVOD ( Advertising Video on Demand ) systems, free models in which advertising inserts are made, will experience a very relevant growth until they become the second option with the highest amount of incomReversal progression of VoD formats
Progression of investment in VoD formatsThis information is very useful in guiding advertisers ‘ ad spend . In-depth knowledge of the priority content offer on each platform, as well as the consumer habits of its users, will be decisive for designing appropriate digital advertising strategies.Advantages of programmatic advertising on Digital TThe new VoD platforms open a new scenario when it comes to buying advertising space. A large part of the investment that advertisers reserved for traditional television has shifted to these new media, thanks to the advantages they present.The availability of data on the behavior of the users of the different VoD platforms opens a new scenario in which the design of programmatic advertising strategies will allow advertisers to have an optimized impact on their Target Audience.
PATRICIA LOZANO , AUDIO, VIDEO & CONNECTED TV SENIOR DIGITAL MARKETING CONSULTANT AT LABELIUM GROUPThe access to the content through a password , which has an associated profile, favors the interpretation of the hearings of each space, allowing them to impact a timely and relevant manner, a fact that favors the positive brand recognition.
n addition, the data provided by the Digital TV platforms allow a global knowledge of the online behavior of users through its link with the viewing patterns of the different types of content available. All these aspects are key to be as relevant as possible at the very delicate moment in which we are at the moment on an international scale due to the outbreak of the new Coronavirus. We must be able to maximize the investment as much as possible, going to the users that interest us when they see the most appropriate content. Although live television will not disappear, due to the great importance of streaming sports events and the news format, the rise of OTT platforms should not be underestimated, since they have been able to completely change the audiovisual industry.

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