The beginning of a new era for empathy

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The beginning of a new era for empathy


Lately, there is a lot of talk about the need to improve the customer experience, and to promote engagement, as a preliminary step to getting their favor. Well, this will not be possible if brands do not really bother to get to know their customers and start to identify with them, which is known as empathy.
The term “empathy” lebanon mobile phone directory  is defined, according to the RAE, as the “mental and affective identification of one subject with the state of mind of the other”. That is, the ability to think and feel like the other, in this case, the client. A need highlighted by Bruce Temkin, Managing Partner of the Temkin Group, and without which companies will not be able to advance on the path to customer affinity. For him, these are the advances that we will witness in 2014 in terms of customer experience:A renewal of strategies will be proposed to know the opinion of customers, where feedback will play a fundamental role. Companies will opt for other simpler, faster and more effective ways to study and analyze the behavior of their customers, away from complex surveys and expensive market studies.


We will advance a step in the personalized and quality treatment towards the client. Thanks to Big Data, companies will be able to follow the steps of the customer, know the channels they use, the products they buy and study their interactions. With this they will be able to better understand  gulf email list the client’s needs, identify the most common problems and create  action protocols that allow individualized quality treatment, which provides a useful and effective solution to each situation.
Knowledge about the customer will also influence product development. Companies will work to provide an integrated customer experience, controlling all contact points and taking care of each phase of the sales cycle through all channels, and throughout the entire process. Always bearing in mind that the sale click does not end until the customer buys again.
We will witness an evolution of the customer service centers. Advances in technology already make it possible to offer quality customer service; a personalized and professional service that truly meets the needs of the customer, and is able to promote their loyalty
Companies will begin to value their employees better. Staff play a critical role in the customer’s relationship with the company. They act as the link between the brand and the customer, constituting the living image of the company. Hence, the organization must take care of this, its main asset, in order to have employees truly committed to the brand, willing to represent it and defend its values, striving to exceed customer expectations.Ultimately, this empathy implies a comprehensive approach to the customer, which includes all areas and processes of the company. A turn around your needs and a true vocation of service.

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