The business of being a middleman

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The business of being a middleman

Have you ever thought of being an intermediary in some kind of business?
Because let me tell you that in today’s world we live in, many people and companies understand that being intermediaries is big business.
This is a topic that I wanted to talk about on the blog for a long time, since many times there are entrepreneurs who ask me what type of business to start.
Well … maybe it’s time to find out how to be an intermediary and how to create a business on this basis.The main benefit of being an intermediary is that a product or service is linked with one or more clients, being the link between both.Therefore the effort to create a product or service, you don’t have to.

A person, brand or company, will take care of that.
The second benefit is that the intermediary simply cares about connecting both elements (a product and a customer for example) and not for other factors.
For example, if we are intermediaries of a recognized product, to which a lot of Colombia Cell Phone Numbers List is invested by the owner, then this is an advantage (and a great saving for us)The third benefit of being a broker has to do with how you make money. Usually the most common form of commission in the form of a percentage of what is sold.Although there are other models.In summary:When it comes to being an intermediary, one can choose different models of intermediation. Next I am going to name a few.ECommerce intermediary
Basically, the eCommerce intermediary is to be the meeting point between various products or services and potential customers.However, this intermediary does not sell. Just connect.



A clear example of this is Livingo , an online real estate portal, which connects eCommerce stores with their visitors.In Livingo’s case, they don’t sell. They gulf email list  just carry traffic.For example, a person can enter the category of living room furniture , and find products from hundreds of stores in that category, choose a product and at that moment it will be sent directly to the original supplier company.Affiliate Broker
I previously blogged about affiliate marketing and this is another way to be a middle man.Basically the model is the same.Connect a product or service with customers and get commissions through.There are different forms of affiliate marketing such as:
I am sure that many times you have seen bloggers, youtubers or professionals, promoting tools, applications or even courses of others.And it is very likely that they, being intermediaries, earn a commission or obtain an income.Agent-type intermediary
Being an agent-type intermediary is usually that person or company that works as part of the sales process of a company.Basically these agents take possession of the products (although they are not really theirs), sell them and earn their commission. Distribution Intermediary

Basically it is only intermediating in the distribution, that instead of having a variety of products, they focus on the distribution of one.
For example, it can be a distribution intermediary, a company that acquires a brand of cigarettes, stores them and is responsible for distributing it to different wholesalers.
In this case, the products are bought (or usually done) and stored, until they are sold.
Wholesale Intermediary
Unlike the previous case, a wholesale intermediary will have or could have a variety of products, which it will sell to others (Retailers)
For example, a wholesaler may buy brands of cigarettes from different distributors and thus have brands such as Camel, Marlboro, Phillip Morris, and others.
Retail Intermediary
Finally, the retail intermediary is that company or person, who ends up selling a product, to a final consumer.
There is not much to say here.Service Intermediary
Finally, other ways to be an intermediary is to connect services with people and companies.
For example, a consulting company that gets clients and offers services that are not its own.In this case, it is possible to meet the customer’s need, provide a solution, but it does not require that company consult, carry out the operational work.In this case, as in others, it is the commission usually the form of profit.

Intermediate, a good deal
In short, as you will understand, many times people want to create a business from scratch, manufacture or create something (be it a product or service) and focus on offering it to end customers.
However, intermediation can be an excellent business opportunity for many who want to start taking their first steps (or big steps).
For this reason, I invite you to think about how you could become an intermediary for a company and end customers at the end of reading this article.

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