The Constitution Russia phone number  Is Based On

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The Constitution Russia phone number  Is Based On

Spanish Constitution: ” The Indissoluble Unity Of The Spanish Nation, The Common And Indivisible Homeland Of All Spaniards And Recognizes And Guarantees The Right Russia phone number  To Autonomy Of The Nationalities And Regions That Make It Up And Solidarity Between Them All” . Let Us Remember That It Was In 1812 When Spain Was First DefinAs A Socio-political Concept, As An Imaginary That Identifies Some People: The Constitution Of 1812 States That “the Spanish Nation Is The Meeting Of All Spaniards From Both Hemispheres ”. It Is The First Article Of The First Social Pact Between People Who, Under The Same State,

Were Constitut As Citizens To Leave Behind The Status Of Subjects, Since The Spanish Nation. As Article 2 Says, “is Not And Cannot To Be The Property Of No Family Or Person ”. If Russia phone number  We Look Now At The 1978 Constitution. We Will Notice That No Territorial Borders Are Specifi, Although The Limits Existing. In 1978 Are Consider Immutable, So That History Stops By Establishing In Article. 2 “the Indissoluble Unity Of The Spanish Nation, Homeland Common And Indivisible. Of All Spaniards ”. Between 1812 And 1978 The Borders Have Changed So Much .That Neither The “Spanish Nation” Is The Same, Nor The Nationalism That Sustains It Is

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Ingredients. However, The Word Spain Remains An Immutable Concept. It Is A Pre-constitutional, Essentialist Reality, Which Is The Basis Of The Constitution , And Not The Other Way Russia phone number  Around, That Is, The Nation Is Bas On The Freedom Of Citizen Decision-making. It Is, Therefore, The Indissoluble Unity Of The Spanish Nation That Acts As A Pre-political Framework That Shapes What Is Legal (It Is Even Said That The Unity Of The Nation Is The Implicit Limit To Constitutional Reform). The Will Of The Members Of The Nation Does Not Come Into Play: The Indissoluble National Unity Is Prior And The Foundation Of This Will, Which Is

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Therefore No Longer Free – It Is No Longer The Will. When It Is Stat, hen, That “spain, With The Russia phone number  Constituent Act Of 1978, Decid To Be A Common Nation Or. Homeland” Is Not Entirely True; In Fact, The Spanish Nation – Conceiv. As A Substratum Prior To The Constitution – Decid To Be A Spanish Nation Or A Common Homeland. According To Habermas, The Patriotism Of The Constitution Is A Common Identification With A Historical Community FoundeOn Certain Values, But It Must Be A Community Whose Core Values ​​include Freedom, Individual And Collective. If This Is So, How Can It Be Said That “In The 1978 Constitution This

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The Second Article” If Citizens Are Deni The Opportunity To Freely Decide – To Exercise Freedom – Russia phone number  What Do You Want It To Be Your National Affiliation? True Democracy Presupposes The Existence Of Nationalism — Of National Consciousness In Habermas’s Terminology — As An Ontological Principle. Many Current Researches Disregard The Treatment Of Democracy In National Formation And Identify As Nationalists Those Formations That Challenge State Reality As A Source Of Legitimacy. Article 2 Of The Spanish Constitution Has No Place For Collective Freedom Or Democracy . One

Could Speak Of A True Common Homeland If A Procedure Had Been Established In Which The National Parties. Which Are Recogniz By The Constitution Itself, Could Freely. Express Russia phone number  Their Will To Belong To The National Whole (We Refer To The Right. Of Self-determination Rejected By The Chamber Alleging. The Consensus Reached. In Article 2). Article 2 Cannot Be The Basis Of Any Patriotism Based On The. Value Of Freedom Which, According To Habermas, Is Necessary To Be Able To. Speak Of Constitutional Patriotism. In Addition, In The Process Of Drafting Article 2, There Was

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