The data management strategy in the new normal

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The data management strategy in the new normal

The uncertainty that accompanies the uneven evolution of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has forced brands to seek more certainty than ever to plan their next uk mobile phone number efforts and many have turned their eyes towards their data management strategy … just to come up against a complex reality that entails many difficulties. The latest Marketing Intelligence Report from Salesforce gives us some clues about the situation in this regard:On average 13 different platforms are used to manage marketing actions.
Only 33% of respondents rate their own cross-channel data integration strategy as excellent .
The sheer speed with which changes are taking place makes it difficult to effectively track to act on time: only 20% of marketing departments have real-time access to omnichannel analytics data .
The relevance of effective data management in the new normal
Strengthening the data management strategy now has key advantages for the design and control of marketing actions, since it helps to:

Meet customer expectations – Effective data management makes it easy to proactively detect new demands and emerging needs among users. Thus, brands gain time to design what response to offer and plan for the future based on safer scenarios.
Monitor and invest the budget effectively : in the face of widespread cuts , it is crucial to know the return on each euro invested in advertising and marketing actions. As part of the data management strategy, an effective attribution model must be established that allows evaluating each sales acquisition channel to adjust the plan in an agile way and thus maximize performance.
Innovate without losing sight of profitability : the exceptional situation created by the global pandemic has accelerated times at the level of digital transformation. New platforms ( TikTok ) and new forms of online consumption are emerging strongly (for example, live-streaming e-commerce ). Effective data management is the perfect ally to innovate in digital marketing: it allows you to locate opportunities to reach the audience and, at the same time, learn from the data to measure its effectiveness.
Data management helps monitor the development of marketing campaigns

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How to lay the foundations of your data management strategy
What methodology do we follow at Labelium to extract all the knowledge related to  gulf email list  data management? We summarize it in the following steps Collection and management of data
To have a global vision of how the marketing plan is evolving, it is necessary to combine in the same place information that comes from sources of a very diverse nature : Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook, the web, Third Party Providers , systems implemented in the company … Each one has a different way of collecting and displaying dataTherefore, generally the starting point of the data management strategy is to extract the information from the different APIs and place it in a data lake . After processing, standardizing and unifying it, they are grouped into datasets that are integrated, in turn, into a data warehouse (a global information repository, for which platforms such as BigQuery , Amazon, Azure or Snowflake are used).Updating and creating dashboards
It is time to filter, enrich and segment the data to achieve a reporting model that adapts to the points that need to be monitored in each area. We usually start from a review of the current dashboards to assess what possible changes would improve the representation of the information.

Moreover, the coronavirus crisis has meant a before and after in the management of online businesses, so it is convenient to rethink the reports and examine with more emphasis the data that has been collected from the expansion of COVID- 19. These will reflect the transformation of habits that the brand’s customer profiles and audiences have undergone and are experiencing .Dashboards are essential to represent data effectivel Analysis and exploitation of data
This analysis always requires close cooperation between the brand and the agency, as it is essential to know the objectives of the brand to select those KPIs that allow measuring the evolution of the marketing plan. At the same time, the exploitation of data can be applied to different areas of digital marketing to answer questions such as: what is happening in a specific market segment? How is the competition acting and what Share of Voice does the brand have? Are the objectives set realistic or should they be revised? The specialists in science dates from Labelium work hand in hand with the markings on the interpretation and reading of informationThe challenge of managing data in a changing environment
Nowadays it is not so difficult to access data: the advancement of web analytics and new technologies has made huge amounts of information available to brands. What is more complex is ordering it and drawing valuable conclusions to apply a data-driven approach to the marketing plan, especially when we work in highly volatile environments.At Labelium, we have a Business Unit specialized 100% in designing, implementing and updating data management strategies . Do you want us to help you with yours? You just have to complete the contact form and one of our specialists will evaluate your case to define what steps to take.

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