The elevator joke of the VIVA telephone in Bolivia

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The elevator joke of the VIVA telephone in Bolivia

Those who know me know that I love marketing and advertising, and I am always looking for examples to share with Mclanfranconi.com readers as well as followers on Facebook and Twitter.
Yesterday while I was browsing the internet I came across a video that I really liked for two reasons and that video is the one about the recent elevator joke of the VIVA telephone in Bolivia.
The first because it is a national example and they know that I love finding those advertising gems in Bolivia (or marketing)The second reason, because it is a fun, different BTL activation that breaks the typical scheme of always showing products and services in a descriptive way. ). It is interesting to see how the telephone company VIVA of Bolivia shows that you can do flashy things without falling into the typical cliché of Japan Phone Number List and advertising.What do I mean?
The telephone company VIVA de Bolivia (Nuevatel) made an interesting BTL activation inside an elevator with the aim of promoting its LTE service and making clear the message of the importance of having a good connection speed.It consisted of replacing the roof of an elevator with a screen and simulating at a certain moment a kind of SWAT team entering through it as a joke to the people who went up the elevator.Beyond the small semi-heart attack that one could have, it is interesting to see how people laugh when they see the message: ” Load a movie while you go up to the 4th floor” or ” Download a game while you go up to the 4th floor “Below you can see the video of the Viva de Bolivia telephone elevator joke and below I leave some interesting details that I found and some observationsSOME INTERESTING DETAILS AND REMARKS



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Wink to 4G: If you notice the final message says “Load a movie while you go up to the 4th floor” Why to the 4th floor and not the 5th? For me because it gulf email list  refers to 4G.Behind the scenes: You can see the influence of famous brand joke videos, because the video begins with the behind the scenes and the assembly of the joke. Very good introductory resources that grabs more attention.
Variety of cameras: A good joke inside an elevator would not be such if you did not have several cameras. Excellent as you can see everything from various points of view.
Story: It’s not that the elevator stops and something happens on the roof. He stops, the lights flicker, he trembles and just from there something happens on the ceiling. The elevator joke keeps a little story and is not just “a joke.”
Alternative ending: Although the different situations in which the elevator prank was made are shown. At the end of the video, the couple’s little discussion is seen as a kind of alternative ending. This reminded me of those movies where after finishing it, it’s good to stay and see if something happens after the credits.
Youtube data: On the Youtube channel it would be good if the Bolivian VIVA telephone company put the details of the Creative Director and the Producer of this great ideal to congratulate him. He deserves it.
The elevator joke of the VIVA telephone in BoliviaCLICK TO TWEET
In short, I take my hat off to the VIVA telephone company in Bolivia for encouraging something different, out of the ordinary and handling the concept so well in general. If anyone knows the Creative Director, I would love to let me know to invite him to the blog!
The strategy comes mainly from Ariel Cadenas from WASABI (Digital Agency) creative in charge of lowering the concept from ATL to BTL. The idea of ​​the whole campaign is the things that people can do thanks to the speed of VIVA’s 4G LTE.

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