The explosion of TikTok among Spanish youth

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The explosion of TikTok among Spanish youth

aying that TikTok is the new Snapchat is already legal. So lawful that, today and as seen in the data collected by SensorTower, its number of downloads reaches 1,500 million between the App Store and Google Play . And without making a lot of noise.For companies and brands it also represents a great opportunity, since it represents a gateway to new advertising formats with which to impact young audiences more easily.Why is TikTok having this success with young people? What implications does it have within digital marketingikTok, a social network that combines video and musIt was launched in China in September 2016 by ByteDance under the name Douyin, but was renamed TikTok in 2017 for its entry into international list of all china mobiles and its subsequent merger with Musical.ly. It is an application of short videos – similar to Instagram stories – but with extensive customization through filters and effects. TikTok features
Videos between 15 and 60 seconds with loop playback.Filters aimed at the younger audience.Musicbackground, songs and custom effects.Strong community and engagement options.Chat and browse tab.Voting between users.And it is the marriage of video with music that has captivated millions of young people, establishing the fashion for musical stories, where users of this social network make selfies to cross them with their favorite songs. All this with a powerful viral character . In China, it is becoming an alternative to the WeChat video format .From ByteDance they knew how to interpret the signals of young Chinese to develop an application aimed at meeting forgotten needs in the Asian giant, and then they transferred it to the rest of the world.TONY CHEUNG , MANAGING DIRECTOR AT LABELIUM CHINA
Usage habits among young Spaniards

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TikTok is a distinctly young application . 60% of its users belong to Generation Z – born since 1994 – and its reception among the female public stands out, which represents 63% of its profiles. Regarding the preferred device to use, it earns iOs with 52%.Young Spaniards have not been left out of this trend either and positioned the application as the fourth gulf email list  most downloaded in Spain during 2018, according to a Hootsuite digital study. In addition, due to its 3.5 million monthly users and 43% of them use it daily , as Statista points out, TikTok is in the crosshairs of the most youthful brands Ranking of applications downloaded in Spain during 2018he future of TikTok advertising hanks to its visual and emotional strength, this application offers excellent results in terms of branding . Proof of this is this compilation from HubSpot that shows how brands create content within TikTok . TikTok allows you to impact Generation Z directly, without the need for extra segmentation. It is their natural target, and brands know itUCÍA GONZÁLEZ , AUDIO, VIDEO & CONNECTED TV MANAGING DIRECTOR AT LABELIUM GROUP
But, in addition to the actions of the companies themselves, there are two exclusive trends of this social network:Hashtag Challenge: campaigns in which the user is the one who produces the content around a hashtag suggested by the company, creating a strong feeling of belonging between consumer and brand.
Branded Lenses: brand filters within the application itself.
Girl creates content for a fashion brand on TikTok

Ads on TikTokSince January 2019, the first version of paid ads is also available, with three initial optionsClassic social media ad, appears in the user’s profile feed in the form of a video . Currently there are only three payment models (CPC, CPM and CPV), and the only segmentation possibilities are age, gender and geograpShort vertical video with great visual and musical impact works particularly well in this format.Full-screen ads that the user receives when the application is turned on . They are restricted to one daily and can redirect in or out of the app. Available in both video and image formats, they do not allow the integration of soundPromoted videos that appear in first position, also restricted to one every 24 hours. X-ray of social networks in Spain
TikTok represents a breath of fresh air within the social media ecosystem in Spain. The annual study carried out by IAB on the evolution of social networks in Spain reveals that in the country there are more than 25 million users of these platforms, with an average age of 39 years. The social network preferred by Spaniards is WhatsApp -in addition to being the best valued- followed by Facebook and YouTube. Mobile is still the main access route.Statistics on the use of RRSS in Spain, IAB study
RRSS use statistics in Spain 2019, IAB study
The strong penetration of social networks is accompanied by an increase in investment in advertising , which is growing progressively. Specifically, 67% of the professionals in the sector surveyed claim to have increased spending compared to previous years. How will TikTok change this photo in the coming months? Will it unseat established platforms like Twittter or Pinterest? We will see very soon

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