The flight to competition from dissatisfied consumers increases

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The flight to competition from dissatisfied consumers increases

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Consumers are increasingly demanding. Their expectations about how a brand they buy from should behave grow as their reluctance to switch to a competitor without further ado wanes. Not living up to what the consumer expects can have a very high cost for companies, there is a lot of money at stake.
Accenture, in its ninth annual survey  list of call centers in nigeria of 12,000 consumers around the world, found that half of North American customers changed companies in the last year, 5% more than twelve months earlier. That means in economic terms, according to estimates by Accenture, that the fact that consumers look for providers that better meet their needs, puts at stake the not inconsiderable figure of 1.3 trillion benefits. And it seems like a trend destined to last.Although a greater social awareness of consumer rights influences this trend, the ultimate responsibility lies with the brands themselves. First of all, your customer service fails. Most companies have promised themselves that they will redouble their efforts to achieve full integration of customer service. But the reality is quite different: 91% of those surveyed by Accenture were frustrated at having to contact the company several times for the same issue that they had not resolved. Another very high 90% say that they have been put on hold for an excessive time when they called and 89% end up angry because they have had to repeat the same song to several representatives of the company. In addition, there is a 58% who indicate as a problem having very different experiences in one channel to another.
On the other hand, also inconsistency and lack of honesty charges a few clients. 84% of consumers are frustrated with companies that promise one thing and then send a different one.


Part of the problem, according to Robert Wollan, manager of Accenture Sales & Service, is that companies are  gulf email list always one step behind consumer expectations. Instead of trying to fix the problems of a year ago, brands must be quick to resolve the incidents that register their services and products at the time they occur.
Can you avoid escaping to the competition?
Consumers believe that it is not a complicated task: 81% of them affirm that the company could have done something to prevent it from going to the competition. For example, using all the personal data that they have collected about them to offer them more personal treatment and make them feel valued; or to achieve with all that information, that the consumer experience is more fluid throughout all the channels through which they contact the company.
The room for improvement is very wide, only 20% of companies have a well-developed consumer experience strategy (Econsultancy and CACI). So brands, before going out in search of new customers, must make sure that they spend enough effort to pamper their current clientele and live up to their expectations so that they are not among those 50% of consumers who leave. to the competition.

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