The French government’s viral campaign that seeks to prevent pedestrians from road accidents

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The French government’s viral campaign that seeks to prevent pedestrians from road accidents

Data from the National Institute of Public Safety ( INSP ) refer that the main cause of death among young people between 15 and 29 years of age are traffic accidents, since only in 2015 378 thousand 232 road accidents were registered in Mexico, mainly in areas urban, where cars were crashed, while pedestrians and cyclists were run over. According to the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), Mexico ranks seventh in the world for deaths Qatar Mobile Number List related to traffic accidents , since in 2014 alone, more than 16 thousand people were killed by cars, with young people being the most affected by incidents transit in the country. The Serviceplan agency , in conjunction with French authorities , carried out a campaign called “Client Securitè Routière lle-de-France”, that is, “Safety on the road”, which is a one-minute commercial where through sound effects pedestrians are made to believe that they are about to be run over.Qatar Mobile Number List

The announcement consisted of installing an audio equipment near a pedestrian crossing known as a “zebra” , that is, a white painted signage on the floor, and when crossing the street correctly, pedestrians hear an audio effect of a car braking very close, as if they were close to being run Brother Cell Phone List over. The creative ad is supported by an LED screen at the end of the street, where pedestrians see a photo with his face. During the announcement there are comments with figures of road accidents in the world and in France. The announcement was presented yesterday by French authorities and by the In the NOW Facebook fanpage, and in less than 48 hours it has already accumulated more than 3.3 million views , although it is expected to be officially launched until May 28.

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