The good, the bad and the ugly of Startup Weekend (By: Ekaterina Gómez)

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The good, the bad and the ugly of Startup Weekend (By: Ekaterina Gómez)

I remember that in the first Startup Weekend, I silly creature, I imagined that you could put together a Lithuania Phone Number List model on a Canvas , put together a team, undertake and the following scene: a card with an “Im CEO, bitch”The good, the bad, and the ugly of startup Weekends
My reality at that time
But it is not as easy as it seems.For those who do not know, the Startup Weekend is an international event that takes place in each city. In Bolivia it was developed in Cochabamba, Santa Cruz, La Paz, Tarija and Oruro.This event seeks to build a technology-based business model (mobile app, a website, a platform, a video game, etc.) in 54 hours. In addition to the business model, participants have to build a prototype and have to validate the product in some way with potential customers.


There may be several events around the year in each city, but several are held during World Entrepreneurship Week. This week is highly coveted as the winners from each city compete in the Global Startup Battle. October and  gulf email list November are the busiest months.
In several countries, thanks to this movement, companies were born that today are quite well known, one of them is Easy Taxi, which showed the concept of the idea at the Startup Weekend RIO in 2011.
Unfortunately, in Bolivia none of the winners got to develop the business presented at the event, however most of the people who were involved, from mentors, organizers and participants who did not even win, have their companies.

For 4 years I was involved in this event and not everything is perfect; of course you always have to sell your jerky well for them to buy it.
You know many contacts that in the end can become your funders, bosses, suppliers, or in the future without the need for an event, they can become your partners .
The Canvas model is the best in the world. In this event, I learned about this methodology that simplifies the development of the business model, before even formulating a business, we made the tedious business plans.
You get on a train that is going to leave with or without you: Technology. Within the event you learn to propose technology-based business ideas. Traditional businesses do not have much room, unless they have some innovative component.THE BADYou are not going to start any business in a weekend. This depends on you and the perseverance you give to develop the business model.
Sometimes it is a Pichangueo Weekend. Once the event is over, everyone disintegrates and returns to their activities. I think that is why most ideas are not carried out. During the event there is a lot of emotion, you can eat the world; But later, excuses like “I can’t go because I have classes” “I’m going to travel” “Tomorrow maybe” are quite common.
The Startup Weekends were designed for entrepreneurs who seek: opinions on their ideas and want to learn. There are many who are outraged by corrections made to them and the worst are those who think their idea is worth a million. Although the latter sometimes do not even go to the event for fear that their idea will be stolen.
Ideas are sometimes more of the same. I don’t mean to say that the wheel has to be invented, but introducing more food delivery platforms won’t save the world, nor will it make much difference.The uglyYou are going to dawn
You are going to sweat.

You will feel a mix of emotions, there is almost always a team that ends up fighting.
You are going to have a lot of adrenaline.
You may find your partner and end up getting married. Oops, this should be on the good side.
The event is not a talk, everything is action. The level of demand from the judges or mentors is very high. Fortunately at Startups Weekends the organizers always prepare training bootcamps, but if you didn’t attend one: You should worry.
Bench being second is also being a champion. Lie. The first is always the best, even if it is bad and does not deserve it; will always be the best.
In general, from my experience, this event changed my life. It introduced me to my internet and technology issues. Here I was invited to work at startups that were accelerated by Silicon Valley incubators. Also from here I got much more into internet marketing, which in the future helped me open a company that is in this area.
Best of all, I met people who ended up being my suppliers, my mentors, friends, clients, work team, etc. I’m not an ambassador for the event, but I definitely recommend it to everyone I can.
Startup Weekend Bolivia
Therefore, if you have guts and the concern to undertake or if you want to have a sober, interesting weekend with a lot of adrenaline, you can encourage yourself to participate in one of these events.

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