The harsh reality that no one will tell you about finding a job

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The harsh reality that no one will tell you about finding a job

Today I will talk about a topic that I love and that we have all suffered at some time in life (Well, some not so much). Finding a job or rather, finding at least our first job.
What you will read next are a series of recommendations that I have really learned over time. Some from experience and others from the advice of people who really knew what they were advising.
By the way, I warn you in advance that in some comments I will be somewhat tough or strong in my form, but believe me, in reality you will meet people who will be much tougher many times.
Let’s see the tips.
I remember that a while ago I had a rather “silly” discussion with a person who told me that he was going to wait to finish college to get a job. Serious mistake.
The logic is simple, taking into account that one enters the university at 18 years old and that a career in the best of cases and without taking subjects lasts 5 years, this person was going to start looking for work at 23 or 24 years old .
When should you start working? Sooner.
I was lucky to start working on my own in South Africa Phone Number List and advertising at the age of 14 with my father. So the difference between me and a person who just graduated and started looking for work was 10 years of experience in the field.
In the long run, experience outweighs any title. But I don’t just mean finding a job, but also the type and pace of life we ​​will lead.

Believe me, your friends from school, from fraternity, from the neighborhood and even from university may not be useful tomorrow (except for some occasions) when you get a job.
If you spend your whole life from school, from university from party to party and just after graduating you start looking for work, you will be starting your professional life at 24, from scratch and without any type of contact.Except for rare occasions in which a father who spent his whole life working to finally “give” the company to his son and that son is a friend of yours and gives you a job; you will usually have to figure it out on your own.
In short, start cultivating good contacts as soon as possible. Start generating your first business, work or simply to give a good image for when the time comes.



Sorry to be harsh about this, but the first thing I notice about a person during a job interview is whether or not they speak well.
We live in a world where we  gulf email list constantly need to communicate, be it by mail, by mail, by phone or even by WhatsApp. As for people who know how to express themselves, they are very well regarded.

And again I will be tough. If you do not know how to express yourself well, it is not due to any social, economic or cultural condition in which you are or have passed.
It’s just laziness. Laziness to read a little more. Laziness to start writing and improve what you write. Laziness to change the channel and stop watching SpongeBob to analyze how great speakers speak. Laziness of shortening a text message, knowing that nothing prevents you from writing it correctly.
What could you do to really impact your interviewers at your first job meeting?This is the question you should ALWAYS keep in mind before a job interview.Obviously you can do magic, be extravagantly dressed, or tell a joke, but unless you want to work in a circus, this won’t help much.
Think about the following. Possibly people more prepared, with more experience or more knowledge than you go to that job interview. So what could you do to make a difference and not be forgotten about you?
If you can answer this question, you may have the position secured.

There is nothing that bothers me more in a job interview than asking the person what they know about the company they applied to and not knowing what to say to me or trying to make up a speech that is totally meaningless.I cannot understand how a person can go to a job interview, without having investigated the company, the position, the functions, or anything. Actually this, apart from being disrespectful for many entrepreneurs, clearly shows that this person does not have initiative or research capacity.But there is something worse still. It shows that that person does not care where they will work, but that they are only focused on the job. And if you do not work in a company that you really admire or love, it is highly likely that at the first opportunity you will leave.
Advice, research and study about the company that is going to interview you. Research and study the people who are going to interview you even. Research everything you can.
They will really look at you with different eyes and help you to use certain information during the interview that could really help you.
Beyond naming the school and university where you studied, there is nothing related to these two topics that really interests your interviewers.

What an interviewer wants to hear is about what you know, about your experience and that you give them the necessary reasons to give you a job. Come on, this is a negotiation and not an audition for a reality show.Just as an example, a few months ago the reason for a person to hire him in my company was that he went to the best university in his country and that he had many friends.
In summary, do not talk about your school, your friends, your parties, fraternity or anything that is not only to increase the explanation of the enormous favor you are doing them, by hiring yourself and being able to contribute to their company.
Any topic outside of this is of no use.
Stop regretting
I have seen people who in several months only go to a job interview, never call them or say no and they start to lament; even saying that in this or that country you can’t get a job and blah blah blah (Lament speech)
People who say this is because they really did not have the necessary motivation and seek to accuse another instead of understanding that it was their mistake.
Who said it would be easy to get a job?
I propose you something. Try to have 100 interviews in a month and then tell me if you didn’t get a job. I really doubt it.

What’s more, with each interview you will have more experience, you will improve your ability to express yourself and possibly end up selling yourself as an expert in the last one.
So do not cry or lament because they did not give you a job, it was simply not for you or you were not for them or you did not know how to sell well.
Nothing that cannot be improved.
It’s simple, when you are interviewed for a job, there are three things you should know how to answer perfectly.Firstly, what do you know how to do, secondly, what experience do you have and thirdly, how can you be useful to that company?Practice well how you will answer these questions and I assure you that you will notice the difference.
In other articles I talked about what things you should delete from your Facebook before sending a resume, even how to use your body language in a job interview .
It is up to you to use all the tools, knowledge and experience possible to find a job.
From using social networks, either to have a good profile on LinkedIn , to even having a blog or why not learn graphic design to make a high-impact resume.
All the tools you can use will surely do something.
Start now to analyze what type of job you want and what tools help you get closer to it.
The problem that to get a job many people see themselves as people, when in reality they should see themselves as a product.What do I mean by this?

Like a product, you must see how to sell yourself correctly. It could be said that the way you dress is the “packaging”, the way you talk about yourself is the “sale”, that your resume is the “advertising” and so I could go on.
If you can sell a product and you see yourself as one, then you can sell yourself without a problem.
After all, from this perspective, you might ask yourself: “Would I really buy myself?”
No, I do not mean that you create your own company, although it never hurts to enter the world of entrepreneurship.
But if what you are looking for is your first job and gain experience, you must think like an entrepreneur.
By this I mean that you should look in the mirror and see if you really have all the conditions that you would expect as someone’s employer.
Imagine that you own a business. Would you hire someone who is lazy? Would you hire someone who doesn’t know how to deal with problems or pressure? Would you hire someone who is envious and doesn’t like teamwork?
In short, thinking like an entrepreneur will help you really understand what they will expect of you, from the way your resume arrives, to the way you conclude the interview.
Remember, if you are going to hunt a prey, you must know how the prey thinks.
I have known a person who, out of desperation, ends up sending his resume to every job offer he finds. It is true that one can be desperate and need money, but you also have to understand that this is noticed by interviewers.
Why? It’s simple, if you send your resume to an advertising agency as a creative, another to a company as a finance manager and another to a Call Center, you are really only focused on getting a job, but you are not 100% prepared for them.
Let’s see it another way. It’s like wanting to go to the Olympics and that whatever sport they include you in is good for you. It’s going to be weird for you to win, because you can never prepare 100% for all sports.
At work it is the same and believe me it is unfortunate to see how people crash before certain questions, just because they do not know what they want.

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