The impact of Black Friday on retail: 3 key trends

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The impact of Black Friday on retail: 3 key trends

The online interest around Black Friday and the wave of offers that it brings with it has not stopped  top china phone number growing around the world. According to the Google Trends index , which quantifies from 0 to 100 the interest shown by Google users around a topic, the expectation is already at its all-time high . Boosted by the dynamism of e-commerce, the Black Friday campaign has revolutionized the rules of the Christmas consumer game, a key time for the retail sector.How does the deployment of Cyber ​​Week offers affect shopping habits? We break down the three main trends that have been observed over the last few years.The Google Trends tool reflects the enormous interest that Black Friday arouses around the world
Google Trends reflects the huge interest in Black Friday around the worldOnline consumption continues to gain weight compared to the traditional model in Cyber ​​Week
According to global data from the Salesforce Holiday Shopping report , the celebration of Black Friday has brought Christmas purchases forward and, in 2018, half of consumers already made them during Cyber ​​Week. In Spain, the Black Friday Global report reveals that last year the average expenditure was 210 euros with an average of four articles per person, among which the categories of fashion, electronics, cosmetics and perfumes and books stood out.However, how is this consumption distributed in retail? As a digital phenomenon, the trend indicates that purchases in the black week are becoming more and more concentrated in the online channel, but the final decision is linked to the convenience of the offers, among which free shipping stands out. Hence, 80% of promotions on Black Friday include it according to the Salesforce report. In the same way, during that week, the shipment of packages increased by about 70% and the demand for lockers for order picking has not stopped growing according to the estimates of the lockers company Luxer One .

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But consumers favor the omnichannel shopping experience on Black FridayIn mass consumption, the boundaries between the physical and the digital are blurred. For today’s consumers, the search for convenience is the main motivation and, in this sense, the physical store network plays an important role in achieving a satisfactory omnichannel shopping experience. In fact, the National Retail Federation survey of consumer trends in the United States reveals that more than half of consumers used both channels for their purchases in 2018.Two of the most decisive issues when it comes to taking advantage  gulf email list of Black Friday are the Click & Collect options (buy online, collect in store), especially as an alternative to paying for shipping. Similarly, the management of returns in store is another of the most used functions considering that, in 2018, 68% of users planned to make returns just after receiving gifts according to the National Retail Federation .However, in the search for inspiration, the online channel clearly predominates
On Cyber ​​Week, most purchases are not planned in advance. According to the aforementioned Salesforce report, users mostly seek inspiration in online channels , although in the end the ROPO effect ( research online, purchase offline ) occurs and they may end up buying in physical stores, another sample of omnichannel purchases common in retail.

The main channels for finding information and inspiration are social networks, Google searches and the e-commerce pages themselves. And, for the first time, in 2018, mobile purchases exceeded those made from the desktop (48% compared to 44%). Therefore, it is essential to pay the ground for Cyber ​​Week:It is advisable to plan the paid search strategy in detail : campaigns must have personalized messages that attract the attention of users in their inspiration searches.
It is essential to control bids so as not to lose visibility against the competition and achieve an improvement in conversions using remarketing listsEDUARDO AGUDO , ASSOCIATE PARTNER AT LABELIUM
In social networks, adapt push campaigns with the most relevant messages for each moment : not only do they work as an effective loudspeaker to create excitement, but they are also excellent for communicating offers and achieving the final conversion.
The SEO and UX efforts throughout the year should culminate at this point : e-commerce works as a showcase for retail. Therefore, the website must not only be optimized for the most relevant keywords, but it must also facilitate the search for products with visible landing pages and careful categorization. In the era of the Mobile First Index, the mobile version of the web must be faster and more efficient in navigation than ever.Black Friday is already a global event whose impact on retail sales is indisputable. Each digital channel must support and enhance communication and commercial efforts in this key week.

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