The Impact of the Internet on Shopping Experiences

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The Impact of the Internet on Shopping Experiences

However, it didn’t take long for people to realize that the great internet empires were built on another kind of currency: data .

The advent of online advertising tools, notably Google AdWords (now Google Ads) and Google AdSense, transformed the browsing experience.

Companies began to pay to appear at the top of searches and blogs of all kinds began to monetize themselves with banners that displayed ads according to each user’s profile and navigation.

Popular content managers inaugurated the ” cookie fever “, which led almost all professional websites, especially e-commerce, to adopt the function to optimize navigation on their pages.

In this race for content personalization,

It wasn’t long before the sophisticated algorithms of search, streaming and. Social media platforms began to influence people’s behavior and, consequently, the market.

If at first the internet was a confusing environment, full of unreliable addresses. And disconnected pages, today it behaves like a true host.

The experiences are adapted to the Engineering Directors Email Lists preferences and interests. Of each user, which makes navigation lighter and more intuitive. And makes shopping online much more attractive.

The new consumer behavior
We can see Google as a legitimate content personalization tool.

It is the current gateway for Internet users, who rely so heavily on search engine results to avoid typing full domains into the browser.

This means that the best business cards on the

Engineering Directors Email Lists

Internet are no longer “www” addresses, but the top positions in search results pages ( SERPs ).

It is for this and several other reasons that companies are increasingly concerned with SEO strategies and resources , search engine optimization.

The Google phenomenon shows that people access the Internet to find the content they need or are interested in. It is completely opposite to the experience offered by traditional media, such as radio and television.

In this scenario, the old invasive approach, often disruptive, of traditional advertising is losing ground against attraction strategies.

By providing highly personalized information and solutions, consumers become closer to brands and their services.

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